Courtesy Posting - Luna

D.O.B. May 06, 2019

Location: Ottawa

Due to her size, children over 12 only.

This big white fluffy mix is good with children, and other animals including dogs. She comes from a farm, and ended up living on a farm with her people. Her people have since moved into an apartment, and the neighbours don't appreciate her deep voice.

Yes, she is good with children but children must know how to behave with dogs. Please read this information on dogs and children. She will need an active family who are ready to work with her, and take her on long walks and hikes.

She would work well on a hobby farm. She is great at keeping away fox and coyotes.

She was hit by a car at a year old, but was nursed back to good health, and healed well. Her pelvis had been broken.

Still a pup at heart, and she will need ongoing training. Signing up for Home School the Dog or Recallers is a prerequisite for adopting a dog. Proof will be required before the adoption is finalized. We want to set you and your new dog up for success.

She will need a single family detached home, with a securely fenced yard.

If you think your family is the right fit for this girl, please fill out the Adoption Application.

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Koda The Great Pyrenees
by: Anonymous

She is beautiful!

by: Great Pyrenees Club

Her pelvis was broken, Brian. She is good with other animals including dogs.

She would be fine as a companion animal as long as she had good exercise daily, I believe. The owner will be able to tell you more.

Health history
by: Brian

Looks like a great pup. What injury did she suffer from the accident? Is she good with other dogs? She will be family member not a worker. Would she adjust to that lifestyle?

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