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Here's your GPCSO-Event-Announcements - 2009 Event Reminder
May 28, 2009

GPCSO Event Announcements


Here is your reminder of Club events occurring in the next few days.

Coming Soon....

Don't forget in 3 days it's the GPCSO SPRING WALK 2009.

If you haven't yet registered your dog for Canine Good Neighbour Testing, now is the time. Get all of the details below.

Spring is in the air and what better way to celebrate than attending the Annual Spring Walk, to be held at Carol Graham’s, Acton, Ontario – the confirmed date is May 31, 2009.

Here are the details - Get ready for the GPCSO SPRING WALK 2009, to be held at Carl Graham’s at # 5039 4th Line, R. R. # 2, Acton, Ontario. We have settled on a date for our annual SPRING WALK so mark your calendars for MAY 31.

This year’s event promises to be a great one. In addition to getting caught up with old friends and meeting new ones, we will be having Pot Luck Lunch and Canine Good Neighbour Testing as well as our walk with the dogs.

Canine Good Neighbour Testing will start at 10:00 a.m. People wanting to have their dogs tested should contact Sandra Young using the CONTACT US form on our website (see link at end of this announcement) or by telephone to confirm, so that she has enough application forms and crests available for the day. Cost will be $25.00 per dog.

Canine Good Neighbour Testing is not just for Pyrs - If someone is attending the Walk and they have another breed, or a mix breed dog, they can also be tested. This is a test to see that your dog is socialized and gets along in the neighbourhood. It is not a test of skills or obedience, although in order to pass your dog needs to follow instructions.

Pot Luck Lunch will be at 12:30 p.m. so we are suggesting that people start arriving at 11:30 a.m. in order to allow us to get organized with the food and to allow for some socialization before hand. Of course if you are involved with Canine Good Neighbour testing, that will not be a problem since you will be there at 10:00 a.m. for the test.

After Lunch, we will take our spring walk with the dogs. If lunch begins before we are able to test all dogs that wanted to be tested, the remainder will be tested after the lunch. No one will be left out… we promise.

If we have missed an event in your area, please let us know and we will be sure to bark it out to the world.

Here's what else is going on.

GPCSO GARAGE SALE - June 13, 2009

Whenever the end of spring nears and most of your spring cleaning has been completed, there are usually lots of things that you would like to get rid of. Well here is an opportunity for you… A Giant Garage Sale!! The date is June 13 (just a week before summer) located at Sandra Young’s, 983 Wales Avenue in Mississauga.

Of course the Great Pyrenees Club of Southern Ontario is the beneficiary. So how can you help? There are two ways… 1) Club Members can donate good quality saleable items, which can be dropped off at Sandra’s home or given to her at the Spring Walk. 2) Club Members can participate in the Sale, set up a table with stuff you no longer need and join in the fun. In return, all we ask is that you donate 25% of your proceeds to the Club.

What a deal! You win, the dogs win and the Club wins… and you may even be able to use that corner of your garage again that you had filled with junk (Ahemm...TREASURES) for the past dozen years.

That is the line-up for now. If we have missed any event, please accept our apologies and use the Contact Us Form on our web site to add your event. We will be happy to announce it.

We will send you follow-up reminders as each event nears.

Special Link to Conatct Sandra for Canine Good Neighbour Testing

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