GPCSO 2012 Events

Here are the 2012 events held by Great Pyrenees Club of Southern Ontario.


For those of you interested in carting with your Great Pyr, June Ward will be holding a Carting Seminar on Sunday, April 29, at Carol Graham’s, #5039 4th Line, R. R. #2, Acton.

Do not worry if you have never carted before, as you will receive full instructions and all necessary equipment will be supplied. If you have some of your own, please feel free to bring it.

This is a full day seminar and costs are $50.00. Lunch will be provided. This is an Outdoor Event, so please dress appropriately. In case of nasty weather, arrangements have been made to conduct the seminar indoors. Space is limited, so if you are interested, please contact June Ward at (519) 855-6326 to reserve your space.

May 19 - 21, Kitchener-Waterloo Kennel Club Dog Show, May Long Weekend

We are holding our Regional Specialty and Booster at this event. At the present time, Judges, times, etc., are still pending. But we will keep you up-dated as information becomes available. Up dates will also be posted on our website.

May 27 - Spring Walk - The Graham Farm

Annual Spring Walk and Pot Luck
Yes it’s that time of year again and spring is in the air… time to get the dogs out and shake off the winter blues. Again this year, Carol and Chris will host this event at the farm. As always this is an event not to be missed. It’s a wonderful opportunity to reacquaint with old friends and enjoy the dogs in all of their glory. As in past years, we will be providing Canine Good Neighbour testing and certification for your dog. We encourage you to participate. It’s good for you and very good for your dog.

WHERE: Carol Graham’s home #5039 4th Line, R. R. #2, Acton, Ontario (519) 853-3005

WHEN: Sunday, May 27, 2011

WHY: Just because!! It is spring and the perfect time to get outdoors, meet old friends, renew acquaintances and make new friends. Of course owners get to do this as well.

WHO: ALL GREAT PYRENEES are welcome. Their owners can come if they want. Great Pyrenees are also very hospitable and welcome any other dogs who wish to attend. So don't be shy. Come join the fun and meet folks from the GPCSO.

TIME: 12:00 P.M. (Noon)

Bring your favourite food for sharing, don your hiking boots and come out for some socialization. As it has not been a hard winter (unlike times in the past) we are hopeful that we will have gorgeous weather – not too hot or too cold, the ground will be mud free and there will be no flies or mosquitoes.



We have some very talented bakers who support our club, whether they are members or just love our breed. Last year, during our Spring Walk we held a very successful Bake Sale. We received some fabulous muffins, cookies, brownies, jams, etc. which were enjoyed by all. So we have decided to hold another Bake Sale this year.

We are asking for donations to the sale – whatever you wish to bake, cook or donate -whatever you think will go quickly and raise funds. Just bring it with you, or if you are unable to attend, you can always drop it off at Carol’s either on Sunday, May 27 or the day before.

To our members in attendance, be prepared to shop early to get the best selection. Last year we sold out quickly.

Thank you for your support.

May 27 - Canine Good Neighbour Testing - The Graham Farm

Canine Good Neighbour Testing... while you attend our Annual Spring Pot Luck Lunch and Dog Walk.

Is your dog a Good Neighbour? Do you know? Well, this is your chance to find out.

The C.K.C. allows for testing of all dogs (both pure bred and non-purebred) as a good neighbour. This test is devised to assess your relationship with your dog and your ability to control him or her. IT IS NOT A COMPETITION!! Your dog is evaluated on its ability to perform basic exercises and to demonstrate good manners while out in public.

We will be holding a Canine Good Neighbour Testing for all interested parties on Sunday, May 27, 2012 at Carol Graham’s, #5039 4th Line, R.R. #2, Acton, Ontario. The test takes approximately 10 - 15 minutes per dog. The Testing will take place starting at 10:00 a.m.

Testing will cost $20.00 per dog (Cash or cheques only- payable at the time of testing) and passing dogs will receive a Certificate directly from the Canadian Kennel Club. In addition, we have C.G.N. Badge of Merit Crests ($7.50) and C.G.N. Dog Tags ($15.00) available for purchase after completion of successful testing. A great way to show off your dog’s achievements.

If you are interested in having your dog tested, please either speak with Carol (519) 853-3005 or contact Sandra at (905) 278-4096 or contact us using the Contact Us Form on this site to confirm so that we will have enough forms, tags and badges available at that time.

June 9

We will be holding a GARAGE SALE on Saturday, June 9, at Sandra’s house – 983 Wales Avenue, Mississauga, (905) 278-4096. THIS IS A FUND RAISING EVENT. How can you participate? 2 Ways

First of all, we are seeking good quality donations for the event. All proceeds will be donated to the Club. To make it easy for you to donate, if you are attending the Spring Walk, you can bring your donated items to Carol’s for me to pick up. Please bear in mind I cannot accommodate extremely large items, as I only have a car. Or you can drop off your items at my house at any time. Please call ahead to ensure that I am at home.

Alternatively, feel free to take part in the Garage Sale itself. Maybe you do not enough items for sale to have a garage sale yourself. You will have a better opportunity of selling by taking part in a larger event. Plan on dropping by and setting up shop. All attendees will be asked to donate 25% of their sales to the Club. This can be a great day for all, with minimal effort on everyone’s part. Let me know if you can attend.

Remember the object of the sale is to sell all items and raise money, so we are requesting your discretion with your donations, giving only good, useable items that will be wanted.

August Booster at Markham Dog Show

Again, everything is still in the planning stages, and we will let you know details as they become available.

September Annual General Meeting

Updates regarding time and place to be announced later.

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