GPCSO Club Events

The Great Pyrenees Club of Southern Ontario ( GPCSO ) is host to, or participates in, many events throughout the year. Both social and competitive, these events allow members to catch up on the latest news and to show their dogs to win those most sought after points towards Championship status.

But it’s not all formal competition… There are relaxing times as well with informal get-togethers for the Pyrs and their owners. You don't have to be involved in showing your dog to enjoy membership in GPCSO.

Events for 2018

Annual General Meeting
Sunday, September 2, 2018

Please join the fun! 

Mark the date in your calendars. We hope to see you there!

Everyone welcome!

Dr. Carol Graham’s farm is built for the big white fluffies. There are large fenced areas in which your well-behaved pup can run and play. If your dogs need time out, there are some big pens in which they can rest. There is also an outbuilding which will provide protection from the elements if required.

Silent Auction

Talos' Dehydrated Treats

and much more


Annual General Meeting


Potluck Barbecue (bring your favourite dish)

Following the barbecue:

The Walk through beautiful fields and forest.

* The proceeds from the silent auction and sales of other goods go to help the rescue dogs in our care.*

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Past GPCSO Events

2006 and 2007 Events

We all know that wherever you go, with so many beautiful Great Pyrs around, cameras are never far away. So here’s where you will find Great Pyrenees photos from past events in 2006 and 2007.

2008 GPCSO Events

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2009 GPCSO Events

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2010 GPCSO Events

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2013 GPCSO Events

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2014 GPSO Events

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No matter what the event, people meeting a Great Pyr for the first time always ask questions. Do you know what the most frequently asked questions are? We solve that mystery here.

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Breaking News

  1. Coating - Eating his own coat.

    Feb 18, 19 02:37 PM

    Hey, We have a wonderful 1 year old GP, but here lately he has started to eat his own fur when it sheds. I have not one clue as to why???? Can anyone

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  2. Behaviour - Bullying

    Feb 15, 19 06:42 AM

    Hello. Norman is a year and a half now, I got him at 8 weeks old from a farm where I met his brothers and parents. He is my first great Pyrenees and

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  3. Maggie - Courtesy Posting

    Feb 11, 19 01:13 PM

    Courtesy Posting DOB: 5. April 2017 Sweet Maggie, the big white fluffy, is looking for a loving family who will make her a part of their lives. We think

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  4. Yuki

    Feb 11, 19 12:53 PM

    *ADOPTION PENDING* Yuki has been in my foster care since early September. We are surprised that no one has given her time to adjust to a new family life.

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  5. Butler - Courtesy Posting

    Feb 11, 19 12:51 PM

    *ADOPTION PENDING* I am pleased and honoured to present Sir Butler. He is a 10.5 year old registered Great Pyrenees. He has had a rough past living in

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  6. Pyper - Courtesy Posting

    Feb 09, 19 07:46 AM

    My name is Pyper and I am a Pyrenees/Maremma cross. I was born December 13 2017.I am a spayed female. I am hoping that a family could help me out by

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  7. Elegant

    Feb 07, 19 07:51 AM

    DOB: January 6, 2018 Elegant, the big white fluffy, is looking for a loving and active family who will make him a part of their lives. As a pup, he’ll

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  8. Eye Colour

    Feb 04, 19 12:50 PM

    Can a purebred Pyr have blue eyes or at least one blue eye?

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