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*Please apply only if you are ready to adopt even if we have no dogs available. Chances are we do or there will be soon.*

Dog adoption is a very serious decision, one that will change your life for many years to come. This breed is not necessarily suited to all homes or lifestyles. If you do not like a barking dog, this is not the dog for you. They were bred to bark in order to deter predators. To use bark collars or any other cruel means to stop their barking is not fair to the dog. You are taking away who they are.

Make sure you do your research on this breed. You will find much information on this website. Also, make sure you are financially able to care for a dog. They require a species-appropriate fresh raw diet which will keep their immune systems in excellent working order. 

Our club and this site are dedicated to providing you with as much accurate information as we can obtain through our research and our own personal experience with the breed.

  1. We do not allow dogs to go to homes with shock fencing or tie-outs. Do not apply if you have either.
  2.  You must have secure-fencing of a minimum 5-feet on all four sides. And, whether you have 500 acres or a small yard, a pre-requisite is always to have a securely fenced area for the dog.
  3. We do not adopt to students.
  4. We only adopt to single dwelling homes due to the barking nature of the Pyr.
  5. We only adopt to people inside Ontario and Quebec. If things do not work out with the dog, we want to ensure you are able to deliver the dog back to us.

We do our best to ensure the dog is fit for adoption. Be prepared to make a longer than usual drive to meet the dog.

Adoption process. Please read carefully:

  1. Complete the form below to enable us to help you find the most suited big white for you. Put the name of the adopter with whom we will be communicating.
  2. We review your application, and get in touch with you via phone to further discuss suitability.
  3. If we determine you may be a suitable family for a particular dog, we will arrange a home visit, have a video, call or phone call and ask for photos of where the dog will be living.
  4. If all goes well, all family members will go to meet the dog at the foster home. If we still feel you are suitable, the dog will go home with you on trial. If further consideration is required, it will be discussed at that time.
  5. You will be required to sign up for the online program Home School the Dog (short version of Recallers) or Recallers (the full program and highly recommended). Proof of payment for the program is to be emailed to us in order to finalize the adoption contract.
  6. There is an minimum adoption contribution of $400.
  7. After three weeks, if things are not working out for any reason, we will ask you to return the dog to the foster. The adoption contribution is non-refundable.

Please note, this online form requires you to provide a valid email address in order for us to get in touch with you. You must answer all questions, especially the ones with an asterisk. Otherwise, it will not come to us.

Great Pyrenees Club of Southern Ontario
Great Pyrenees Adoption Form

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If you prefer, you may download and fill out the form digitally, and return to us at

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