DOB: 16. September 2021

Location: Erin, Ontario

Please do not take dogs to dog parks as not all people are as responsible as you are. Find some like-minded people, and join up in someone's backyard.

From us: Arthur has been with us a few weeks now. He is the most lovely boy who gets along with the dogs he meets. He just wants to be where the action is with his people, but he does love to be outside!

Arthur is an absolute sweetheart. He's very gentle and is wonderful with adults, small children and other critters. He does chase the cats in his house, but that can be worked with. He does not want to harm, but it's kind of fun to chase because they run from him.

His previous owner states he came from a busy household of 4 children, another doggie, kitty and a big fenced-in backyard where he could run and play.

He has tried so hard to make the transition from his former busy life, to one of living with two sedentary seniors with cardiac issues and so far it has as been a difficult journey for him.

He's such a young boy and we cannot provide the outlet he needs to burn off his energy. We are not as active as we once were, and we live in a townhome with no fenced-in yard. An open park is steps away but we can't let him run, for fear he will run away.

Although he has average 5 - 6 walks/day, he needs more outdoor and exercise time. When he isn't sleeping or eating treats, he's whining and scratching the door, asking out. He will go to a single dwelling home with a securely fenced large yard of at least 6 feet. Even if you have plenty of acreage, secure fencing is a must. No tie outs, or shock fencing.

He is still investigating everything in our home along with his new outdoor surroundings. He likes to take things like shoes and slippers and have a little chew, although he will release when asked to.

He understands "sit,lie down, come and shake a paw (he shakes both) ....and sometimes he will even obey these commands ;-)

He loves his naps on the bed throughout the day, lots of treats of any kind, having his ears gently petted, lots of kisses and hugs, snuggles, belly rubs and most of all, walks with his Dad.

He doesn't seem too fond of either kibble we've bought for him. Raw food is the species appropriate diet.Check out this podcast.

He is very good thru the night. He will bark if he hears something threatening or another dog barking, but will sleep quietly on the bed or floor. He has always slept inside a house at night.

He is full of personality and acts silly with his toys and treats, so it is our hope that he will be adopted by a family who can spend lots of fun time with him and give him the love he so richly deserves.

He is the perfect dog. His only issue is that he does have separation anxiety. This is understandable as yours will be the fourth home in which he has lived. You will need to work with him on that. Give him time. He wants to make sure he won't be moved again.

We love him dearly and it breaks our heart to let him go. We planned our lives with him, but sadly, circumstances have changed and we do believe he's not a happy boy being so confined in the house.

A pre-requisite will be to sign up for the Home School the Dog program or a more complete program Recallers to give you and Arthur the best chance at success. Proof of registration will be required.

If you are interested in meeting Arthur, please complete an adoption application.

There is a $400 adoption contribution. All proceeds go back to the dogs in our care.

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by: Great Pyrenees Club

He will be in Erin, Ontario.

by: Anonymous

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