by Nancy
(Venus, TX USA)



My wonderful Brutus is what I call a "mess". He is 150 lbs. of confusion to me sometimes. I knew nothing about this breed of dog until he adopted us about 6 months ago.

For some reason, he decided after 4 years of living with a neighbor about 20 acres from us and having been there since he was a baby, he didn't want to live there anymore. He showed up in my yard full of dirt, briars, burrs in his coat and just plain nasty and a tangled mess.

He was gentle from the start, not afraid of anything, no sign of being vicious or anything. Just like he wanted to hang out a while. Well, he never left. I did find out who he belonged to, called his owner and was told that he hadn't seen him in a couple of weeks. We took him back, but he wouldn't stay. He kept coming back to our house.

I asked his owner if he was going to do anything to keep him home. He said that there must be kids at our house because Brutus loves kids. I told him I had 2 grandkids ages 5 and 7 that lived with us. His owner said that if I wanted to claim Brutus, it would be ok as long as I promised that he wouldn't be mistreated. I told him that was definitely a promise.

We had to have our 15 year old chow put down a few years back. And because we loved her so much, we didn't think we could go thru another life event like that and vowed not to have another pet. We are in our late 60's and figured whatever pet we took in next might outlive us so we just decided not to have another dog....until Brutus!

His previous life was that of an outside dog having nothing to herd or take care of other than a bunch of chickens. We have no other animals at all. Now he is an inside dog only going out a couple of times during the day to do his business and out for a couple of hours at night to roam and then come in for the remainder of the night.

We didn't have to house break him. He just came in that way. He is a pack dog. I am the alpha female. The only ones he displays any aggressive behavior to are the grandkids if they get near his chew bone. Other than that, they can do anything they want to him and he accepts and loves them.

He follows me from room to room never letting me out of his sight, even going to the bathroom. When he goes outside at night, he leaves the front door barking, and it's constant barking all over our 5 acres. When his rounds are made, he comes back in for the night.

Even though his barking is a constant thing when outside, I have my doubts as to how much of a guard dog he is. He is so gentle, even to strangers. Therefore, I really don't know that he would actually physically fight anything or anybody off our property if the opportunity presented itself. But that's ok. He is a 150 lb. gentle giant to us. And we love him dearly.

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Nov 24, 2013
Lucky you and lucky Brutus
by: Connie Ramey

~Bless you for finding each other.
He is a gift of ~PURE LOVE~to you and your family.
Enjoy every moment!~

...and there is lots of good information about Pyrs right here on this site.

Nov 25, 2013
Bruts and Nancy
by: Cheryl

So happy he found his true home!

You have a lot of dog there and he WILL lay down his life for you. Pyrs only display their protection instincts when there is real threat. From barking, to growling, to full on fighting. Otherwise they're laid back but always keep their eyes on you.

Nov 25, 2013
Don't Be Deceived
by: Frank

Brutus is a lucky boy. Sounds like he has had not one, but two great homes in one lifetime. If only all Pyrs were so lucky.

And it sounds like he is taking his job seriously in clearing your property at night and guarding your every move. Just so you know, Pyrs bark a lot and especially at night as a means of warning uninvited guests and predators to say clear.

Keep an eye on his protective behavior over you. He may become too committed to his task. Ensure you maintain control of him by being firm but gentle. Pyrs will take over leadership very quickly if you relent.

Also keep an eye on the growling with the children. Prys are, by nature, protective of children however this can be overridden where a Pry has food/resource protection tendencies.

Finally, be very sure that Brutus is much more than a big gentle giant. He is quite capable of guarding and protecting. He is quite well equipped to assess threat and respond with the amount of force required. He can and will kill if that is needed.

There are two pages on this site that I recommend you read to get a better sense of this.

Wishing you and Brutus many happy years together.

Dec 18, 2013
Yeah Brutus
by: HTan

Hello from a fellow Pyr owner who also love Roman names. My Pyr is named Roman.

So glad that Brutus found you.
Pus after some years of guarding can get tired of their job and just quits all the sudden. Thus why I read most with LGD jobs do retire at around 8.

I agree with everyone who says no matter how nice your dog maybe, take charge.

Roman don't resourse guard because he is mainly handfed.
He likes to be handfed, and I have all the days time to do that. He does not resource guard at all, not even his big bone. We do put some toys up high for trainings.

I deeply believe in keeping Roman the juvinile pup, thus far he isn't too bad into his teen years yet. Reading here and also following many of the recommended links for research even before getting our Pyr has helped us tremendously with trainings and socialization for Roman.

And yes, Pyr can be testing, challenging.
But the rewards is in the Pyr growing into that PyrPerfect dog you want.

So good luck to you and Brutus.
May his forever home be fillec with many many happy memories to come.

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