Courtesy - Moose

DOB: August 2018

Location: Borden, MB

Moose came to us through animal control wild and frantic. We now know more of his story as his original owners found him on our page many months later thanks to social media, but unfortunately much as they wished to, they were unable to bring him home.

Moose grew up on a rural property with room to roam and play with his small humans. He was patient and kind though he requires continual training to keep his skills sharp. Moose in typical Pyr fashion is not very food motivated, however he has a love of Pringle (red can) if you need to get his attention the shake of a Pringle can was his family's secret weapon😉 During his time in shelter Moose has settled in nicely, becoming a favourite not just for volunteers on site but an ambassador for events.

He really enjoys training sessions with our volunteer trainer and other volunteers. He was the first participant in our Title Me Adoptable program, earning his Novice Trick Dog title by learning 15 tricks to be judged on. The tricks chosen for Moose focused on basic home and obedience, cooperative care, and some scenting skills. His adopters will have the opportunity to transfer his title if they choose to work towards his Intermediate title or as his new skills are foundation skills he could be taken into Rally or Obedience,but he can also just be an amazing family pet.

Moose loves nothing more than spending time with people. He will share his bed for afternoon naps with Britt, he enjoys a bite of a ham sandwich if you go eat lunch with him and just sit watching the world together. He needs a home that will let him hang out and watch movies together, give him all the love, but will also continue to provide him training and mental stimulation.

He gets distressed when he does not have adequate opportunity to fulfill his need for mental stimulation and bonding with his people. Moose does have a tendency to jump when excited, but can now be easily redirected from this behaviour with an "off" or "sit" reminder. Moose is almost 5 years old.

If you think you are a good fit for Grenada, please complete their adoption application

Note that we highly recommend Recallers or Home School the Dog for continuing education.

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