Courtesy Post - Momo


DOB: Nov 19, 2020 (3-years-old)

Location: Trenton, Ontario

Good in car


Fine on stairs

Separation anxiety: No

Reactive to dogs. This is something that can be worked with. She is not aggressive towards them, but just wants to visit.

No resource guarding. No aggression to people.

Momo, big fluffy mix, needs a new family as her present owner has health issues, and is not able to give Momo the care she needs.

Dogs, humans, and other animals walking around the property will prompt Momo to bark. As a dog, human, or other animal is introduced by myself she is eager to meet them in an excited yet tame manner when prompted by myself to sit patiently. She may jump on guests unless otherwise directed. (This is an video on how to work with your dog on what to do instead of jumping up.)

“I am the Director of Animal Care. I have worked with Momo for years and have seen Momo work with our animal care staff. Momo is such an affectionate girl. She does amazing with recall and loves all the hugs and kisses from staff. Momo does great in our accommodations and settles well when she is boarded. Momo is in our group play settling. Momo does great interacting. If she gets fixated on dogs through just wanting to play she is able to be leash walked by staff to ground her in order to allow her to be integrated back into group. Momo is such a pleasure to be around.”

Momo is a loving, intelligent, and fun-loving dog. She is a touch anxious and reactive at times.

She loves to spend time with her caretaker, following them wherever they may be, and being a true part of the family whether in the house or outside.

Momo loves the outdoors and adventures to wildlife areas, parks, and all that these areas offer. While she loves being outside, she is equally happy to spend time near her caretakers indoors.

Momo acclimates to the activity level of her caretakers. Her level of energy and athleticism does permit some rigorous activity. On the whole her lifestyle is relaxed.

Taking the online learning program Recallers or Home School the Dog would greatly benefit her new family and Momo, and get her on track.

Momo would truly do best on a property that is fully fenced to 6ft minimum and is large enough for her to run around in. She will not thrive in any city environment.

We recommend that you sign up for Recallers, or a modified version Home School the Dog program to give you and Momo the best chance at success. If you are interested in Momo, please complete an adoption application. This will be forwarded to her owner.

There is a $400 adoption contribution.

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