Courtesy Post - Winter

DOB: Approx. November 2022 (1-year-old)

Location: Lower mainland of B.C., Canada – Be prepared to meet Winter in her present home

Companion Dog

People: Nervous of new people, but no aggression. Anyone who has come over ends up loving her and says she is their favourite. She's gone to the boarding kennel and vet with no aggression or issues. My boarding kennel absolutely loves her. ( (Her nervousness is due to being poorly treated by people or her lack of socialization in her formative months.)

Her present family found her seven months ago tied up on the side of the highway in Hope, B.C.

Crate-trained: Yes

Dogs: Not at the moment. She is fearful of them and reacts. The Trust Technique will help her through this.

Cats: Good with cats; chill

Car: Great in the car

Resourced Guarding: From other dogs; always feed separately and keep toys away for now

Winter is probably a mix of Maremma/Pyr/Australian Sheepdog/Shepherd?

She's amazing. I've never met a dog like her and I've grown up with dogs my whole life. She loves her people to the absolute fullest. She is a chill girl, she loves to sleep on a bed and lounge all day. She does love to bark while in the yard (breed related for sure), but is very good at listening when you ask her to stop or recall her back inside.

Her favourite things are squeaker toys and pigs ears. She will spin her body in excitement for either of those!

(Raw feeding is recommended to keep her immune system healthy and have her enjoy her food.)

I think she would be amazing at a sniffing sport as she can really sniff. She loves to sniff on walks. She loves a nice calm stroll and stops to smell everything she can. I would say she's pretty close to being perfect. She just doesn't like or want anything to do with other dogs (she was clearly traumatized by them in her younger life). They clearly stress her out and cause reactivity. But everything else about her makes up for that. She is such a smart girl and as an only dog someone could really help her thrive and learn to her fullest potential.

She is an absolute beautiful girl and is truly the most loving.

If you are interested in Winter, please complete an adoption application

There is a $400 adoption contribution.

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