Male Pyr leads females away from job

by Franne Sippel
(Groton, SD)

We have an older male who was the lone guardian of our sheep for several years. He needed help to protect the sheep from coyotes so now we have a nine month female and another four month old female. He has started leading them away from the farm and we think he is trying to get rid of them.

In the past we tried to put the male in the barn or the fenced in kennel and he will do anything to get out and has climbed over tall fences and dug out under the barn.

How do we stop him from leading the other two away?

I would really appreciate your help.

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Sep 21, 2021
by: Great Pyrenees Club

Those two females are young. They are pups who need to mature and learn the ropes. They are too young to be left alone with the livestock without human intervention.

It could be the male does not feel confident in them to do the job at this point. He is doing 'low-key' guarding of his livestock. He is a smart boy who is doing his job.

When you are not there, pen the females up separately near the livestock. When you are there, keep them leashed to you when working around the livestock. These dogs are not usually ready until about 1.5 years old to be left without human intervention. Let the male get used to them. As they mature, he will probably help them with the duties.

Do make sure the male and females (at two years old) are spayed and neutered.

I hope this helps.

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