Milo, teaches self a new skill, he's a service dog

by Jeanette
(Northern Illinois USA )

Milo is service dog to my daughter . he knows a skill for communication. He will tap his foot on the top of a persons foot , it means follow me.

Then when daughter developed a new symptom , sleepwalking, outside of the house , it is tentaviley thought to be connected to epilepsy. Ok ? So. Milo woke me. Then I sat up and he tapped my foot. I followed him to the front door which was open. I look out and daughter is sleepwalking outside . I go get her and walk her inside to her room where. She sleeps in usual way.

Milo knew that what was happening needed my help.

Another time I was asleep and milo, told me she was outside sitting on the porch bench staring at the ceiling, an absence seizure. I waited then she sighed and slide off the bench to the floor . Where she slept. And I waited then she woke and again back to bed I took her.

The main skill Milo was taught is to tell of an on coming seizure ten minutes in advance. This new skill I have encouraged.

Milo is pyrenee x St. Bernard x white ( sometimes called cream ) Labrador . We got him at 18 months he had been homed and rehomed several times by the no kill shelter . Once because he grew too large and once because he didn't grow as big as they wanted. Each time they fostered him and obey trained. Milo is 65#. From floor to his shoulder he is 39 inches and from collar along the spine to where his tall meets. He is 40 inches.

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Jul 03, 2021
Yay, Milo!
by: Anonymous

Beautiful story and beautiful Milo! Thank you for sharing this story.

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