Magnificent Mishka

Magnificent Mishka

Our magnificent Mishka has found her forever home.

Mishka was spared from death row at a Quebec shelter by our Great Pyrenees Rescue Team. After spending a few months in foster care, Mishka was adopted by a family with other dogs for her to play with.

Indeed, a few shots and some vitamins and this dog who was going to be put down for being too old was counter surfing (non-stop!) and climbing 5 foot fences to get back to her new people.

Mishka is a lovely, sweet old girl with years of life to share with her new family. Our heartfelt thanks to them for giving this girl what every dog deserves: love and comfort.

Our thanks to her adopting family for providing her a loving home.

This was her story.

Our Great Pyrenees Rescue Mishka (Russian for bear), is a 10 year old Great Pyr who was dropped of at a shelter to be put down because she was having trouble getting around - without having seen a vet for 3 years. On the day she was to have died, instead she was getting a check up, which reveals she has an old partial rupture of a ligament.

A few cartaphen shots and vitamins are all she needs. Her teeth, heart, level of motion in her joints, hearing, etc. are all good; this sweet girl has years left.

We are unsure if she has been spayed. This Great Pyrenees rescue is now up to date with her rabies vaccination. At 97 pounds, she is a too chubby for her height. Some slow walks will help with that, and the shots will ensure she can do just that. Her sight is a bit diminished, so she walks into things a bit, but she is smart and alert; its just eyes, not dementia.

Mishka is house-trained but you have to watch as she stands at the door quietly, but does not make noise. She is fine for a working family/person as she can "hold it" all day or night without a problem.

She is excellent in a car; she has gone on 7 hour visits with her new foster family without a problem. Give this Great Pyrenees rescue lots of room to lay down, and she just sleeps. Mishka would be great for someone with a RV!

Mishka drools quite a lot with stress but she is quiet and rarely barks. She actually plays fetch with herself with toys and treats. She lays at her foster mom's feet, found the good dirt spot in the yard, wiggles for treats and is there smiling when her foster mom comes in the door.

She is not destructive, doesn't eat things (other than stolen food), or scratch at doors. She probably will eventually lay on furniture, if allowed, as she has eyed it several times, but has not tried yet. Right now, she is following her new humans around, but that will likely stop when she is secure. However, she is fine being left alone, although she watches at the window, and was there to await our return.

Although she did not want to go outside by herself the first day, she has now decided the yard is a lovely place to hang out, quietly, all by herself, although she will come to the back door to check we are still inside before waddling off to settle down with a a happy sigh.

Mishka does have some bad habits: she pulls on her leash and is very strong! She also jumps on counters and tables looking for food and counter surfs. However, she is strongly motivated by both food and affection. Even a few days of firm "no/non" and that has slowed down. She flinches if a hand moves over her head, so she might have been abused; she does not know hand signals, so please avoid waving around her head.

This Great Pyrenees rescue may be used to Polish and/or Russian as well as French, but she is doing fine with English commands, or a finger poke to sit.

In 15 days she was surrendered to a pound, moved 4 hours into a kennel, moved the next day to a foster home, gone to a cottage, gone to a party 7 hrs away and then back to the foster home: all with a gentle acceptance and sense of trust. She was a bit quieter at first, but has become to more confident by the hour. She did slip on the stairs after climbing, running, digging and investigating her new foster home. A home with fewer stairs would be ideal for Mishka.

Mishka appears to be interested and friendly with dogs, and may have lived with smaller dogs as she is particularly attentive to them. She does not submit traditionally to dominant dogs (she might not know how to) and cowers a bit, so a home with fewer alpha dogs would be best. She is very good with cats. She gets excited when she hears little children, so she might be used to them. She is unconcerned and submissive to bathing, grooming, being fallen on (well, we were carrying her up the stairs and she was HEAVY) .... generally, a big softy. She would do well in a home with or without another dog. She just wants to spend the next few years being loved and loving back.

Can you give our Great Pyrenees rescue Mishka a permanent or foster home? Mishka is ready to give her love to you. If you want to share your life with a mature Great Pyrenees Rescue please contact us using the Contact information at the bottom of this page.

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Nov 14, 2011
A Great Visit
by: Maryanne Pearce

This summer, Miska and her family, along with a friend and her family (and all the dogs!) came for a visit my way. Miska's mom's friend was adopting a dog from us who was in Montreal and they came by the campground to visit me. Two children, a teenager, 2 women, 3 Pyrs and a Golden all came to spend the night. It was wonderful to see Miska and her family, human and canine. It is the reward of rescue to keep in touch and sometimes even get a visit with a dog you helped to find a forever home. Come visit anytime!

Feb 13, 2011
Thankful for Mishka
by: Connie Ramey

I am so happy to have this news about her. She deserves a good happy life and forever home!! The joy will come back to her "pack" many forever fold!!

Feb 12, 2011
by: Maryanne Pearce


Thank you for the update. Mishka lived with me for about 6 weeks. It was really hard to let her go. I called Carol constantly for updates. I miss her very much. I would love an updated photo if you have one.

Please give her a big hug from Auntie M (my name for myself to all my foster dogs).

I am so glad she found you! Maryanne

Dec 17, 2010
Mishka.........how is she doing........is all well with her new home??
by: Connie Ramey

I am happy to hear that she has been adopted into a forever home. Please let me know that she is doing well, and that she has truly found her forever home. My heart goes out to her..... with happy hopeful blessings for her and her new family.

Dec 16, 2010
Mishka's Forever Home
by: Juli Balinsky

Yes the Magnificent Mishka has found her forever home here with us in Holland Landing where she has a 10 year old Golden brother and a 6 year old Pyrenees sister (oh and her 3 year old feline brother).

Her mobility is so much better than when she first came to us (thank you Carol for taking care of her). She enjoys her hour long walks every other day (every day is a little much for her). Her coat is white and the fur around her neck is white too not the dull grey it was from wearing her collar all the time.

She's been with us for almost 45 days now and we've seen such improvement (although her table and counter manners still need a fair amount of work). She's become more trusting of us and the distrust and fear in her eyes has almost disappeared. She's quite the curious girl and her nose leads her everywhere.

She'll be at the next grooming clinic along with her siblings getting pampered.

She's been a bit of work but worth every minute of it! Watching her "get comfortable" as her trust in us grows always makes me smile....to know that she's found her forever home where she's loved and cherished.

Thank you to rescue for bringing this willful yet loving and beautiful dog into our life.

Nov 17, 2010
I hope with all my heart that she has truly found her forever home.
by: Connie

My heart goes out to Mishka, and her new forever family. This sweet baby has been through so much, and still continues to be so loving, and is deserving of all the love she can get.
Blessings to her and her family/pack.

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