Misti Yoda

by Marianne Glofcheski
(Lochaber QC)

Great Pyr Rescue - Misti Yoda

Great Pyr Rescue - Misti Yoda

We are delighted to report that Misti Yoda has found her forever home. Our thanks to her new family. This was her story...

Hello people!
Marianne calls me Misti. My people called me Yoda. So, that makes me Misti Yoda.
I’m five years old, no, just turned 6! I am registered. I am micro chipped and Marianne has a pedigree for me. She doesn’t have my certificate because my lady had tried so hard to find a way to keep me right until she had to leave that this wasn’t sent with me.

I really like it here and I think Marianne likes me but she feels i need a family of my own. It’s true; I would like to have somebody to take care of on my own. She has other Pyrs with her and we all have to share her. That’s not fair!

My family was transferred to a city at the other end of the country and the lady couldn’t find a house with a yard that they could afford so she asked Marianne to take care of me. I went to stay with another family but they had a yappy little dog that was very annoying and my patience ran out. I’m used to taking care of my family all on my own. Well, Marianne and I had a long conversation and we decided that I would be best with a family with no other dogs.
Ushan and I have a great time running the acreage. Of course we only run and check out individually because we are both pretty bossy people. Marianne seems to think I’d probably be okay with a big boy dog but not with girls since the girls and I talk and then soon get to yelling at each other because I guess we’re all bossy.
Then I go into my own big pen and the other girls come out.

Oh well, I’d like to meet some nice people who would allow me to take care of them and alert them to other sounds and when people come. Other animals and stuff as well. Marianne says I don’t bark that much but I don’t have to because the others do that for me. I do tell her when the barn cats come to eat near the workshop, especially when there are no mice about for them to hunt. They have to pass right near where i live.

Sometimes I do bark on my own though when I see things in the other fields that the others can’t. I really get to see a lot of things here that i never saw before, especially when the big tractor comes out and blows snow all over the place and when the rest of her family comes and they go into the barn to do stuff! There are all sorts of things in the barn that I never saw before.

I like to sleep in the house on the rug near the bedroom door. I like the raw chicken and liver and beef heart that Marianne feeds me. She says that I put on the little bit of weight that I was missing with that. I weighed 85 pounds but Marianne says that my ribs have a better feel to them now.

The one thing that Marianne doesn’t like is that I pull on the leash when we go for a walk. She keeps trying to correct that and sometimes I remember, but I often forget because there are so many things I’d like to go explore. She says that’s the only thing that keeps me from being a perfect Pyr. Gee!

Would you like to give me a home and let me take care of you? I’d like that because it’s good to have my own people without having to share them. I can do it better than any other dog. It’s true! You’ll see.

Okay, my turn! Misti-yo is a very sweet and amenable dog. She likes cuddles and to be stroked on the nose and under the muzzle, ear scratches and neck scratches. She doesn’t like to be patted on the head. She pulls her head down. In that she is like her mum, Yucca , was. She isn’t aggressive about it but she just doesn’t enjoy it. Any other kinds of hugs are welcome although I sometimes get the impresseion that she’s just humouring me and looks at the others as if to say ’Is she always like this?’

She has gotten much better about walking on leash, especially if she has had a chance to take a few good fast runs to burn off a bit of energy. I put the leash on her slip collar and she usually just makes a few tugs for the principle of the thing, and then settles in. However, if she comes up on something interesting, she will forget herself and tugs to go see it or after it.

Misti-yo would probably be fine with a big male dog as long as there is enough room to run. However, I think she would be best alone since she is a diva and commands attention for herself and likes to butt in when one of the others is getting attention. She had spent most of her time with the grandmother at her original family’s house and is used to having undivided attention. She was also spoiled by the grandmother, so that explains much of her acquired behaviour.

I found her bit on the thin side, not dangerously so but just a bit. I suspect it had to do with the tension about moving and if she could or could not go with the family. I put her on a raw food diet and vitamins and started glucosamine to help her get over the tension of moving around. She had been on a good kibble diet but in my experience, when a bit of weight is needed, there’s nothing like the raw diet, and so much more economically feasible, easy and nothing is ever left in the bowl!

She is superbly healthy and a happy girl who will make someone a really good companion.

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May 14, 2014
Misti is adopted
by: Darlene Hickman

WE have adopted Misti and she is home and happy with us.
Misti is our joy and the love abounds to and from Misti.
Thank you so much to Marianne and Chrystal for all your help and advise.

I twas such a pleasure to meet Chrystal and Marianne we are still in touch.

Happiness and love abounds in our home now.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

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