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Are great pyrenees good with cats?

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Oct 11, 2017
by: Donna

If you are looking to get a Pyr, make sure to do your research since getting along with cats shouldn't be the only reason to get one.

Proper introductions are always required as with any breed of dog. Don't just let the cat loose with the dog. Keep dog leashed until it looks like all will be well with them.

Know that Pyrs are not for most people.

Oct 11, 2017
Quirks are worth it!
by: Nashville

Pyrs are wonderful but you need patience with quirky breed.

Oct 21, 2017
They get along
by: Anonymous

We introduced our 5 year old pyr to a 3 yr old cat and they do just fine. The pyr wanted to sniff out the cat the first day and the cat quickly shut that down but they have been peacefully living together ever since. They rarely interact with each other, but are perfectly content sharing a home space.

Oct 29, 2017
3 year old Pyr and 2 cats
by: AriPyrenees

When I got my Pyr she was 11 weeks. If my cats came around her while she was eating, she would flail and snarl. She hated them.

So I would sit with her while she ate and encourage the cats to come around. I would pet her and the cats at the same time and praise her over and over again. I would also make sure she saw the cats and saw me petting them.

She's almost 3 now. The cats can walk right under while she's eating and she doesn't flinch.

She does try to the manage the cats though. She tattles on them if they're on the counter or the table. She growls sometimes if they get to close to her toys. I always pet them if she starts to get like that, just so she knows that the cats are welcome and not a threat.

I have a pet camera set up when I'm not home, and I see them cuddling. My oldest cat always keeps her company. It's very sweet.

You just have to work with it.

Oct 30, 2017
Pyrs and cats
by: Anonymous

I had to comment on this one, we have 7 (yup, 7) cats and 2 Pyr/Burnese mixes that I delivered and cared for them and Mum for 8 weeks (there were 10 pups total, all have happy homes). At any rate, these pups grew up with cats so bringing them home to ours was no big deal. Interesting enough we find the 3 male cats and only 1 of the females are comfortable with the dogs, but we have also provided some kitty only spots for the cats which I think helps. I laughed at the other comment about the Pyr "snitching" on the cats since we call our dogs the Wardens. If the cats are fighting or making excess noise they go and investigate immediately. 🤣 We even call one of our male cats Little Dog because he seems to think he is one of them. He goes outside with them and they do play together (the great game of chase instigated by the cat). 🙂

If your dog is not used to cats there are ways to introduce them safely, starting with taking something that smells of each animal and putting it with the other. Like putting the cat’s blanket in the dog’s bed and vice versa. This progresses to them smelling each other on the other side of a door, until eventually face to face introductions. There is a ton of info on doing this online and likely on this site.

Best of luck to you.

Apr 27, 2018
Cats and Pyr/Anatolian
by: Anonymous

I have a Pyr/Anatolian mix (75-25), Hurley. He arrived to our home at 8 weeks old. We have 2 other dogs (coonhound/Shepherd mix 12 and a terrier mix 6) and 2 cats. He was the same size as the terrier so they immediately became buddies, the older dog is still indifferent towards him. The cats though are funny, Hurley wants to play with them and the one just wants to cuddle him. More often than not, you will catch them with their noses touching then the cat is all over Hurley rubbing and he will just lick the cat. The other cat has an attitude and wants Hurley to leave him alone so, of course, Hurley chases this cat trying to rough house. Long story short, my experience with my cats and the dogs we have had come into our lives, it all depends on the cat’s personality.
My Hurley is the sweetest dog ever!

Mar 24, 2019
Cats and dogs
by: Darla

I have found a great Pyrenees saved him from pound pick up..
We taken him into our home. He seems so sweet and kind..
But I don't know him yet we are still learning each other..
I have three other dogs and six cats
We have had him about week now haven't seen nothing showing that he was going to hurt anyone yet.
Except my nurtured male dog dont like him and tried showing some teeth and we stepped in to correct that behavior.
Bear did rise up to him a bit showing he was much bigger.
Should I be worried leaving him alone everyday when I go to work?
It's been few days I have cameras set up to watch them all.
Nothing has happen but barking.
Someone said if this dog was going to be Aggressive to my other animals it would already happened any advices well appreciated..

May 14, 2019
New Dog
by: Donna

If you have two intact males in the house, there will be fights. If they are both neutered, you may still have issues. We never recommend two dogs of the same sex in the home.

You say you have two other dogs (besides the one who doesn't like the new one) in the house. It seems they are fine with the new dog.

You have brought a new dog into the home. You cannot expect them to get along right away since the new one is intruding on the resident dogs' territory. When you are there, keep the new one on leash with you until you are certain they all get along.

I would crate the new one while you are not there to ensure no fights happen until you are certain they will get along. To learn how to crate train, see Susan Garret's crate games.

Do not punish the dogs for not getting along. This will not help matters but only confuse the dogs. You are there to give them confidence. Just separate them.

The real character of the dog will only show in a few weeks as they learn to trust you and you them. He has to learn the routine, as well.

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