Rescue girl

by Johnye Saylor
(Dayton Nevada USA)

We have a small ranch in N Nevada. Our girl, Autumn, now 2 years old, looks out for all the residents. Several weeks ago one of our cats found a baby squirrel and was ready to chomp. Autumn got the baby and brought it to me. I tried to keep it going but after 5 days the wee one just gave up. But my big girl tried and knew this tiny creature needed help. Right now there are baby chicks and peafowl running about and Autumn has not touched one we haven’t had coyotes nor bobcats since she graced us with her presence. We do have a beautiful little chihuahua, Autumns love, whom is the Alpha which is truly comical
My son has Autumns sister at his farm in California. She has developed Addisons Disease but , after nearly succumbing she was finally diagnosed and is doing great. I’m watching Autumn for signs. So far all good

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Jul 20, 2021
by: Donna

Nice work. She is stunning and a true Pyr.

Many times you have to train dogs to accept chickens with positive-reinforcement training. Your girl is a natural, as she should be.

I'm glad her sister is doing well. Addisons can be difficult to diagnose but once diagnosed, it can be treated.


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