Swimming motion with front legs

by Adam
(California, USA)

My great Pyrenees is just turning four. I’ve had him since he was a puppy and he has always had this peculiar behavior of lying on his side and moving both paws in unison in full range of motion outstretched straight, as if he is swimming or running but just with his front legs. Is it peculiar to Pyrenees? Or just to my dog? Or is that a behavioral sign of some thing that may be shared with other breeds? Sometimes he does it on his back, but again only with the front legs. Anyone have a clue what this is? I’ve always thought of it as his equivalent of Snoopy’s “happy dance,” but wondered if others have more information and insight into this peculiarity.

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Sep 07, 2021
by: Ck In va

My prys have always done this and twitch as if in dream. We have 4.two girls 2 boys. All do this
Guess it's just there way.

Sep 07, 2021
Unusual Pyr behaviors
by: Dr. Blues

Thanks! Good to know that mine is not the only one who does this. Although this is not so much twitching as it is forcefully pulling his paws through his whole range of motion, over and over. Is this what yours does? Do others see your Pyr doing this?

The other thing my Eli does is laying down in a more upright position and acting like he’s trying to dig a hole right through the floor, one paw after the other.

Do others see this?

Any other idiosyncratic behaviors that you see in your Great Pyr?

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