Buddy has a new forever home. Here is life with his new family:

I wish I had the camera on them today...went upstairs and there the two of them were, one on the couch, the other on a chair, staring out the window at what was happening! JJ has never been on a piece of furniture her whole life! Little Mr. Buddy is a bad influence. Took off like two bats out of hell when I came upstairs. You couldn't help but laugh watching them run into each other trying to get away. JJ still doesn't realize that at 100 pounds I can see her!

He is a good little boy. Nothing like what I expected. Fingers crossed, no accidents but he can go out frequently since JJ likes to be outside. Took him a few days to realize that food will always be there so now he is eating on his own in the am and at night. I make the morning one special so I think he looks forward to that. My deck is enclosed so they can stay out there and I can see them through the window. The minute they bark, they have to come in so now I see him bark and he is looking at the window to see if he is caught. He discovered my bins on the deck had soil in them, but now they don't. Another LOL It is all over the deck waiting for spring to get clean now!

We had our first walk today and I can see that will be a challenge but he seems to catch on really quick. Absolutely adores JJ! I am sure he sits there and thinks follow her, follow me...Chews her ears when rough playing but I am letting them sort it out as long as one or the other doesn't get aggressive. JJ will not bite back so she seems to be the victim.

So I guess you can tell life is going on. I know he has moments of happiness because he licks and his tail wags. He is a sneaky chewer so I have to keep any eye on that. He is just a little guy so he fits in nicely but seems to be over all bright. His fave trick seems to be sit pretty so every day we do short bursts of down and leave it. Didn't take him long to catch on.

I think Buddy is going to be a Casper or Shadow. My great niece who is in Sick Kids wanted to name him that and I can never say no to her. We made it through the honeymoon and now have marked 3 weeks on the calendar. He is doing well, blending in and I don't think anyone needs to worry about him. I am treating him well, being patient, letting him discover us and over all he is doing great. He sleeps all night! That in itself is my greatest joy. I wake up to someone licking my feet ew!

I have probably taken about 500 pics so far. I am sure Buddy thinks I have one eye that flashes.

This white fluffy showed up on someone's doorstep. She took him in where he lived outside during the day with a pony, and slept inside at night with a young girl. She contacted us and he is now in foster.

He is under a year old. He weighs 50 pounds.

He is a good boy with children, providing they are respectful of him, adults although he has a fear, not aggressive, of men which is remedied with treats and kind words. He will warm up to men in time.

He's a lovable happy boy. He is full of energy but very obedient and well-mannered. He'll need an active home that makes him a part of their family.

Remember, dogs are a life-time commitment.

Here is the short on Pyrs (although, Buddy is a mix)

They are beautiful dogs with great temperaments given the right breeding, socialization, care including diet and training.

They require a good weekly grooming with a slicker brush and comb to keep them mat free and their skin healthy (hence, pain free from the pulling of mats as they move), and cutting their nails including their dew claws every couple of weeks to a month.They molt twice a year and all year round so your vacuum stays full. NEVER shave a Pyr. Their double coats keep them cool in summer and warm in winter.

Their instinct it to wander. Therefore, they require at least a 6-foot secure fence in a large yard in which they can play, run and watch over. No tie outs for these guys. It can lead to aggression since they cannot fully watch over their territory. If they are out all day, as they usually prefer, they need shelter from the elements.

They bark more than most dogs and neighbours do complain. That is a common reason for people surrendering their Pyrs (they didn't do their research). Their bark is what deters predators and it is instinct to them. That and marking their territory. To take away their bark is to take away who they are. The barking can be managed but it takes time, patience and consistency with positive-reinforcement training.

They dig holes in your garden to stay cool in summer.

They require a lot of socialization as pups onward with people and other dogs. They also require positive-reinforcement training (a trainer who shows you how to work with a clicker). Pyrs, nor any dogs, take kindly to any kind of punishment. It will lead to aggression.

It's important to work with the dogs as if in a dance and you are leading. Rewards for good behaviour and redirect for unwanted behaviour. It's up to you to make them a good canine citizen. When engaging a trainer, ensure they use positive-reinforcement training and show you how to manage your dog. Never send a dog away for training. You are the one working with the dog, not a trainer.

To train a Pyr is not like training some other dogs. They are not eager-to-please and just as soon walk away from you than do as you say. They have been used for years as guardian livestock dogs because they do not require human intervention to tell them how to do their job. Lots of patience, consistency and time is required to work with them. If you want an obedient dog, this is not the dog for you.

They require regular walks, of course, so they get out and see the world. They must be leashed because they will wander. Again, because they are so good at wandering they have been used to wander with sheep as they watch over them.

There are those in need of a home because someone didn't realize they would get so big, bark so much, leave so much hair in the house, wander, and require work. Or, they ended up going to a backyard breeder or farmer and ended up with a dog who was aggressive because of bad breeding. Or, they forgot they travel a lot or a baby is on the way and they just don't want the dog, anymore.

It is very important to do your research on any breed before deciding if they are a good match for your family. Please start here:


We never want to see these dogs fail so it's important that children learn how to behave with dogs and that parents never leave their children alone with a dog. Here is a link on that subject:


There is a $350 adoption donation. These donations go right back to the care of these rescue dogs.

If you think your family would make a good match for this boy, please contact Craig at craigsibley57@gmail.com. Leave a message and he will return your call.

If you want to meet Buddy, please fill out an adoption application. It doesn't commit you to adopting him but we need to learn more about you should you decide to adopt him.


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Feb 06, 2016
how can i find out more
by: kp

what a lovely looking dog... do you think he would be ok with a few cats?

Jan 26, 2016
Location of Buddy
by: Donna

He is in Caledon, Ontario. His location doesn't always matter depending on where you are. His foster can meet you somewhere.

Jan 20, 2016
by: Anonymous

Where is buddy located?

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