The night LaKota saved my life

by Kimberly Guy

I had spent many years with my beautiful, goofy Pry. Everyone used to say he was dumb as a rock. I didn't argue with them, I had never seen anything to the contrary. All I knew was that I adored him, woodwork chewing and all. He put up with the Yorkie who thought she ran the house and let my children use him as a floor pillow. We would go for our nightly walks around the small lake and it was the most peace I would have all day.

One night started out like all the rest, we went late so that we could meet up with a great horned owl who we would encounter every other night or so. Getting to the far side of the lake, LaKota suddenly stopped. That was unusual because he was known for dragging me around the lake and I had to resort to a training collar so that I could walk him.

I asked him what was wrong but he just stayed still. Then I heard the noise. I glanced around desperately trying to figure out where it was coming from. It surely must have been what made LaKota stop.

When my mind cleared, I realized the sound was coming from LaKota. It wasn't a bark, it wasn't a growl. It was a sound that I had never heard come out of my baby before and I was suddenly scared of my own dog. It started out low but slowly gained volume until it was as if the gates of hell had opened.

I was terrified and didn't know what to do. That's when I saw the man come out of the reeds. LaKota started towards him and training collar and all, it took everything I had to hold him back.

He wanted this man's throat...badly. I think he scared the man as badly as he scared me. He asked me if LaKota was friendly. As scared as I was, I remember thinking "Really dude? Right now I have Cerberus on a man-made leash and you're asking that?"

I said "No. I'm really having a hard time holding him right now. You may want to move away." He left. I know I must have looked back several times trying to figure out where he went or if he was following us but I just got us home as fast as I could. I couldn't even relate the story to my husband right away.

LaKota was back to his goof ball, air head self, but I now knew differently. When needed, I was walking Cerberus, the three headed dog from hell.

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Apr 28, 2016
by: Donna

Sad that people think that these dogs are dumb as rocks. No dog is. Personally, the people who think dogs are are dumb as rocks.

Never underestimate these dogs. Respect is a must for these dogs (or any dog). They are there for you when you need them.

As for the pulling on leash, 'training' collars are not usually the solution. I suspect your dog still pulls.

Follow Dr. Sophin Yin's solution(s). They are easy but do take some time, patience and consistency. Your walks will end up being very pleasant.

Apr 28, 2016
by: Anonymous

Great recounting of your harrowing experience. Personally I have never met a more intelligent creature than our Pyrenees. But they are quiet with their inborn knowledge, and do not need to do tricks to prove they are worthy of our respect. We also have heard that sound coming from our dog, and you are meant to take him completely at his word...Cerberus indeed. A lion's roar. And the willpower and strength to back it up ... all wrapped up in a beautiful goofy package. How lucky are we, anyway?!

Apr 28, 2016
On the nose
by: Ed A from NJ

Donna is on the nose, people who can't or don't take the time to train right away blame the dogs. I have had giant breeds since I was 26 (a mere 32 years). Not one of them was dumb, but Pyrenees are very very smart, there small suborn streak can easily be overcome with love and possative training. I could walk through the most crowed of rooms with my Beau and he wouldn't even look away, this dog was trained with nothing but possative training and a firm solid negative voice (never yelled at or threatened in any way. I make sure my dog sperit is never broken. It took one year to get his good citizen and a Second year to finish service training. Nava is now 11 months has her good citizen and is doing great in service training. I am not an super trainer it is only packets, love and commitment. If you need help I always say hire a trainer to help you but you must be involved in the training so your dog responds to you and you make sure you dog is handled right by your help. Good lock to you and your super dog. There is no dumb in a dog who may have just saved your life.

Apr 29, 2016
by: Anonymous

I've had a similar experience. My boy loves all, is so patient with the grandkids, never any preditor behavior towards any critters, this fluffy ball of fur, always a perfect gentleman. And then one night when an aggressive German Shepard confronted us I was in disbelief at what he turned into. Barley hanging on to his leash I managed to suppress the situation but OMG. Ravenous, all teeth, scary sounds, and confidence. When returning home I was somewhat distraught realizing the power at the end of this rope if unbridled has the power to destroy .

May 01, 2016
No doubt
by: Ed A from NJ

Make no mistake you gentle furry loving Pyrenees if called on to defend you will answer the call to duty. These dog are powerful, and quite capable of inflicting great damage on someone or something. Remember while they would much rather shoo off a predator if push comes to shove it will attack a wolf or a bear to defend it love ones it will fight to the death. Still the best think to do is try to keep them out of those situations if you can. But it is nice to know they got your back.

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