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DOB: 17. March 2020

Located in Maple, Ontariobr
Kobi is an extremely intelligent, happy, healthy 16 month old white fluffy.

He is very goofy, and wants to play with all people and dogs. His play can be a bit rough at times since he is a big boy. Children over 12 only due to his size.

He is welcoming to visitors, knows all the basic commands and some more. He will need ongoing positive-reinforcement training to which he responds very well. He has not had much exposure to children, but this can be determined on a meet and greet.

He hasn't been tested with cats but is generally curious about rabbits but never chased. Big whites are accepting of domestic animals given proper introductions. It may take some time for proper introductions.

If you have another dog, a female is recommended since dogs of the same sex do not always see eye-to-eye.

A securely fenced yard is a must, as well as a single detached dwelling due to barking that may occur. This is what these white breeds do to ward off predators.

It is a prerequisite for adopting Kobi to sign up for Home School the Dog. Proof of registration will be required. His family wants to set you, and your new dog up for success.

If you think your family is the right fit for this boy, please fill out the Adoption Application. We will forward it to his owner, and he will be in touch with you.

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by: Great Pyrenees Club

All dogs going into rescue are neutered/spayed. We don't want a proliferation of more surrendered dogs.

He is curious about cats. If you are willing to work with him, he would probably be fine.

by: Anonymous

Is he neutered? How is he with cats?

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