She lives with a family which includes a canine pal with whom she can play. Congratulations to everyone!

*DOB: September 27, 2022 (5-months old)


Children: Yes, respectful children over 12-years-old

Location: Paris, ON (northwest of Brantford)

Single family dwelling with secure fencing of at least 6-feet; hobby farm with secure fencing

Dogs: Yes, preferably a male dog. We'd like her to go to a home with another dog.

From her foster:

Lady, or Ladybug, as we affectionately call her, is as sweet as they come.

Lady loves other dogs, big and small. She has been living as close as can be with our 10-month-old male Pyrenees Nashville. Lady also met and played with Mya, our last Pyrenees cross foster, and they got along very well. This past weekend Lady went to our doggie daycare facility with Nashville while we had a family event to attend (we were going to be gone for over 5-hours, so thought it best she wasn’t in her crate).

Lady had the opportunity to play with the owners of two Great Danes and other dogs being boarded at the same time; a Golden Lab and a mix breed. Lady had a blast, and got along very well with all the dogs she was introduced to, running and playing.

She loves her walks. She gets to sniff new smells everyday, enjoy new sights and sounds that keep her mind stimulated. We do not recommend dog parks as not all dog owners are as responsible as you are. Fights can break out, and a dog's confidence is diminished so they become fearful of other dogs.

Lady is house broken and asks to go outside to do her business.

Lady is crate-trained, and opts to sleep in her crate most of the night, although she has the option to roam our room and sleep where she chooses. Lady goes into her crate when we leave home where she calmly sleeps.

Lady is fantastic with children of all ages. Lady is respectful and calm with our three-year-old daughter and listens to what we ask. Lady is very good with cats, and is learning to have a healthy respect for their space. Lady is not reactive to livestock and is disinterested in the chickens/ducks/bunnies and horses. Lady is learning to be very good with the goats, but with puppy tendencies she can get a little too playful sometimes (not without encouragement from the goats).

Lady knows sit, and lie down. Lady is working on recall, but does respond very well to her name. Lady has OKAY leash manners, this is something we are working on. Lady is awesome in the car, and is eager to go everywhere we go, if she is welcome. Lady seems to know the difference between ‘her toys’ and other items that are not hers e.g. shoes, children’s toys etc. and enjoys playing with her own toys.

Lady enjoys being brushed and lets me play with her paws and cut her nails.

Lady loves splashing and playing in water and exploring the forest. Lady is medium energy, with her highest need for exercise being first thing in the morning. Lady would be a great second dog as she seems to love having a four-legged friend. Lady really loves people and cuddling on the couch. She has a fondness for my husband and is most excited when he gets home from work. Lady enjoys meeting new people and doesn’t discriminate, male or female, just wants to soak in all the attention and love.

Lady eats well. Nashville shares all his bones with Lady, and I am able to take them away without reaction. Lady shows no signs of resource guarding, and Nashville is great at teaching Lady that resources are easy to come by and how to share.

We would like to see her go to a hobby farm or a very large backyard where she can run and play.

She will make a good dog with livestock, but is still too young to be left alone with them and be able to protect them as her young age.

Overall, someone is going to hit the puppy lottery with this one. She is the total package.

A pre-requisite will be to sign up for Recallers, or a modified version Home School the Dog program to give you and Ladybug the best chance at success. Proof of registration will be required.
If you are interested in meeting Ladybug, please complete an adoption application.

There is a $400 adoption contribution. All proceeds go back to the dogs in our care.

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Mar 30, 2023
by: Great Pyrenees Club

There is an adoption pending on her. We are waiting to see how things work out.

She is not spayed at the moment. She has not had her first heat. We are holding off as long as we can. We will co-own her until such time as she is spayed.

Mar 29, 2023
by: Anonymous

I adopted a Great Pyrenees from you in 2010ish…best dog I ever had!!

Is Ladybug spayed?

Reason I ask I have a male Australian Shepherd (15September2023) who as per my purchase contract I can not neuter until he is much, much older…but preferably never.

We have 6.5foot and in some places 7.5foot board on board wood fencing with auto shut & locking gates.

Mar 27, 2023
by: Great Pyrenees Club

If you read her profile you will see that she is good with cats.

Mar 27, 2023
by: Colleen

Does Ladybug have any exposure to cats?

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