by Peter
(Lachute Quebec Canada )

My wife and I lost both of our great pyr’s in the last two years and just found a 9 week old great pyr pup we named her magik . People don’t understand how devoted, loving,loyal and protective these dogs are. BEST FAMILY DOG EVER if you can put up with the hair the barking the cuddling and the stubbornness this is the dog for you! They are well worth the trouble

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Nov 06, 2022
in complete agreement
by: Anonymous

Best dog, ever. Devoted. Always the guardian.
Unique among the large breeds. An amazing and regal presense in our lives.
We adopted ours as an 5 wk old pup....the breeders delivered him to us at 8 wks and our lives were transformed. He grew really big, really fast! It was a bit like living with an un-coordinated, rambunctious teenager for a while!
Hair yes...lots of it. So much I saved it all the year he turned 4, had it spun into yarn and hooked a wall hanging with it. His portrait with his own fur.
Barks too, for nothing and everything wherever he is. His vocal repertoir is truly a conversation and we have learned to listen to what he says. He has a hair-raising wolf howl and has roared like a lion in response to the coyotes. He has banished them totally, with just his voice and his intention. He never fails to amaze us.
Enjoy your pup. You've given her the best name, ever. She will live up to it too, I'm sure of it!

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