by Maryanne Pearce
(Ottawa, Ontario)

Gorgeous and Serene!

Gorgeous and Serene!

Shaz has been spayed, micro-chipped and had her vaccinations updated. When she came to us, she did have some hair loss which was due to a thyroid condition. Inexpensive pills keep this condition under control, and her fur has grown back well and she is in great health otherwise. Shaz is currently in Southern Ontario, but transportation may be able to be arranged.

Shaz is very people friendly; she loves to be near you regardless of what you are doing. She absolutely loves her belly being rubbed. Shaz also loves car rides. Shaz really enjoys going on walks but she tires easily, likely because she has not been walked regularly. Although she does not like baths she loves water and will try to swim in any water she can find whether it’s a pool, river or lake.

Shaz is a bit of a baby and does not like to be outside in the rain or wet grass. She likes being outside except in the dark; then she would rather be inside. Her owner advises that she barks at everything, including trains in the middle of the night. If allowed she will sleep right beside your bed or underneath if she can fit.

Shaz is dog friendly but it may take a couple tries for her to take to other dogs. She was attacked when she was a puppy and now tries to be the bigger dog first, but it’s mostly show. She will growl, bark and drag you toward the other dog but once they meet she is usually okay. She is a bit bossy with really old, submissive dogs, so she would be better with either another quiet and similarly-aged dog like herself, or as a lone dog. She walks nicely on a halter but does pull without it.

A home without very small children is recommended. She has been living with the same home for her whole life, she has been jealous of the attention shown to the now-toddler, thus showing her displeasure by using the babies’ room as a bathroom. That said, she is good with kids, and when she has enough of children, she will just get up and walk away.

Shaz is 5-years-old, completely house-trained and is a lovely, mature dog that would do well with other dogs or as a lone dog. Her owner needs to move to a smaller home, and has a small child now; Shaz is just not getting the attention she needs. She has been well-loved and cared for, and will be a great addition to a family. Is Shaz the dog for your family?

To inquire about adopting Shaz, please contact Maryanne Pearce at 613-823-5445 (h) / 613-867-6346 (c) or click on Contact Maryanne

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May 30, 2012
by: Vicky Z

Stephanie it was wonderful meeting you at the picnic and so nice to read Shaz's story.

I have posted the photos from the picnic on the GPCSO Facebook page and there are a couple of Shaz in there!

May 29, 2012
She's now all ours!
by: Stephanie

After having Shaz in our home for only a short while (fostering), we realized the love she had to offer. We decided to adopt her into our family with our 2 cats, our grown son, and our daughter who is currently in Australia.

At first she followed me from room to room, almost afraid to let me out of her sight! She is much more confident now. As for her small dog aggression, it is now almost a thing of the past. She is friends with all the dogs on the street (and there are a lot) and only pulls me so she can say "hello" to them. She does however have a problem with two cocker spaniels that walk our street on occasion, I'm pretty sure there will be no making friends with them in any future!

She is a great dog and we are so happy that we found each other.

Thank you to the Great Pyr Rescue group for all of your support and hard work!

Apr 03, 2012
by: Stephanie

We have taken Shaz into our home for the last 3 days. She is a great dog! She loves to go on walks and does it very well. After being in a crate for the last 3 months, she really appreciates her time outdoors and walks. She listens, comes when called, and does not bark too much -only when necessary!

She does have a bit of an issue with small dogs where she will bark at them and pull, but that's easily fixed with a short tug on the pinch collar. She is slowly figuring that out! She has no problem however with mid size or large dogs, and is friendly as can be. She loves all people she meets.

We do have 2 cats in our house which Shaz doesn't like too much either. She likes to chase them and bark. This issue too will be dealt with, she will just have to learn that she has to share the house!

Shaz is looking for a forever home, she deserves it. Ideally it would be a home where there are no other pets or little children.

Please contact us using the Contact Us form on this website if you are interested in giving this wonderful dog the love she deserves!

Nov 07, 2011
Shaz is now in care
by: Maryanne Pearce

Just an update: Shaz came into our care in November, and is being spayed shortly. She is available for adoption.

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