Shasta The Rescue Dog

by Linda Gotsch
(Redding, Ca. USA)

A charming story about the journey from neglect to a loving home, this dog's eye view is a wonderful tale of love. Shasta's story is one that many people will relate to. It is well written and something you will want to share with others. Highly recommended.

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    Aug 28, 15 09:50 AM

    How big do they get

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    Aug 28, 15 12:54 AM

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    We have two great pyrenees puppies, male and female. The male is around 14 weeks old and weighs 23 lbs. When we first got him his fur was fluffy but not

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    Is hot weather OK for Pyrenees?

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    Aug 26, 15 04:34 PM

    Wow! What amazing creatures they are! Loved all the versions but especially Jonathan's and France's! We have a rescue Pyr mix who we are presently

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