Shasta The Rescue Dog

by Linda Gotsch
(Redding, Ca. USA)

A charming story about the journey from neglect to a loving home, this dog's eye view is a wonderful tale of love. Shasta's story is one that many people will relate to. It is well written and something you will want to share with others. Highly recommended.

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  1. Tundra

    May 24, 15 08:45 PM

    Tundra ended up on Kijiji. A family took her but sadly, the family was not prepared for her. She was only with them for about five days before she came

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  2. Busey

    May 24, 15 09:59 AM

    This sweetie was picked up off Kijiji by somebody. Busey was fine with his other Pyr and the cats but wasn’t very happy about the little dog. So, he came

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  3. Snow - Courtesy Posting

    May 24, 15 09:57 AM

    Snow is available for adoption! - Courtesy posting - pleasea contact for more information. Snow is a 1.5 year old dog that has had an

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  4. Chewing

    May 24, 15 09:45 AM

    My one year old GP was rescued about one month ago. My husband and I work fulltime, but we have taken opposite shifts so that our GP is not alone for more

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  5. companion

    May 24, 15 09:42 AM

    Are they happier with a partner? Is being an only dog depressing for them?

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  6. It's a what???

    May 23, 15 10:12 AM

    We ADORE our Pyr...cannot say that enough. At 9 mos. his enthusiasm for just about everything is boundless. He's just an amazing, happy boy and a joy to

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  7. barking at dogs

    May 23, 15 10:09 AM

    I just got a rescue Pyrenees. He barks at dogs when I walk him. Any advice? Also I put him on a can a grasslands food is it ok? Thanks.

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  8. Ottis - Courtesy Posting

    May 23, 15 10:07 AM

    COURTESY POSTING We have no knowledge of this Ottis other than what is in his KHS profile. Please contact the Kingston Humane Society for more information

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