Cause and affect

by Ed A from NJ
(New Jersey)

I have never been a supporter of raw food diets, but I believe every owner should do what is best for his or her dog. But two days ago my wife's friend had an all to shocking experience. This women has 3 beautiful show dogs with National titles. She is wonderful with her rescue work and a tireless crusader for animal rights, She has sworn by raw food. Two days ago she feed her guys there morning meal with in a couple hours her two males were vomiting and pooping the color and texture of strawberry Jam. With in seconds her and her husband had the 3 dogs in the car and on the way to emergency. With in an couple more hours her oldest male (Only 6) was gone her other male was on IV and holding on for his life. They were diagnosed with HDE which is a quick onset intestinal attack believed to be triggered by Bactria or some viruses. As of now they can't say exactly why it is triggered sometimes but not always. Resent studies are starting to point at it being triggered by bacteria. The first question the Vet asked was are they on raw food. The woman lost a boy she loved with all her heart. This brings me to the point I have tried to make before, even if it was triggered by something else why chance it? Even if you don't want to use commercial food why not boil or bake your food just to a temp that kills bacteria? It only takes one time to change your life in the worse way. Let's face it you are not creating a natural diet (your not letting your dog eat entrails, fur and god forbid every part a wolf would eat). Also the average life of a wolf is so much lower then our beloved family members. I'm sorry I won't take a chance with the loves of my life to be tready or fashionable! Think about it? I still believe everyone has to do what they feel is best for there babies. I myself don't trust raw meat or even Sussi myself so why would I try it with my loves. Hell McDonalds is risk enough. THIS IS A TRUE STORY.

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Jul 14, 2016
by: Donna

I know the source of my raw. I go to the butcher.

There have been many deaths from kibble, as well.

In February 2015, there was a lawsuit against Purina after thousands of dogs became ill or died from eating Beneful.

Blue Buffalo

Here's a list of dog food recalls (includes treats and raw). Salmonella is prevalent.

There have been 38 recalls with the majority being kibble.

Jul 14, 2016
So simple
by: Ed A from NJ

I am,sorry I have still not made my point. In today's world you can't trust many. All i am,saying is cook your food to the point to kill any bactiria, bake bones to the,same point. I do use kibble mixed in,with cooked white meat chicken and baked beef bone. You cant keep them in a little box. The dog park can spread worms and parisites. Parvo can,live in the,grass for months. With all the nasties out there,this is a real danger point we can avoid. As the evidance piles up why risk it. That is all i am saying. I hope and pray every dog owner who reads this keep there dog for a good healthy like. Just giving my insight on what i feel,help keeps our angel healthy and happy.

Jul 14, 2016
Cause and Effect
by: Darlene Hickman

I also KNOW the source of my raw food I feed Misti ! That is the key KNOW your source. I am not new to giant breed dogs prior to owning Misti my first Pyr I owned Irish Setters , my first was a female Brandy My second was Jason and my Third was Kirsch and my Fourth was Brazen. Brazen's parents were CanAm Grand champions, all my setters were from the finest select stock ( and NOT to be bred)

Giant breeds do suffer from their stomach's suddenly turning 180 degrees ! They die in a very short time. Jason's Dad died this way as did Brandy's Dad. They were not on raw when they died and both were being bored at their vet's.

My dogs have always eaten raw they all lived a long and healthy life
Kirsch passed at 13 years old/ Brandy at 15 years old / Jason was hit by a car as a stranger got into our yard and let him loose.
Brazen was 9 he passed from Cancer.

Please know that a raw diet is fine as long as you KNOW your source, your butcher etc.and feed quality food.

Never ever feed cooked bones they shatter ! That will kill your dog fast !

Jul 14, 2016
Cause and Effect
by: Darlene Hickman

Link for HGE

Jul 15, 2016
Small ray of light
by: Ed A from NJ

A little good new today (3 days after her loss) thanks to fluid theropy and broad spectrum antibiodics her other male and her female are home and well. Thank god for the other two. I'm sure she is happy to have her other two,home.

Jul 17, 2016
Raw diet
by: Marianne

I respect your not feeding raw. Please do not insinuate that how I feed my dog is dangerous. It isn't. That bacteria did not necessarily come from the raw food. They were eating it how many years before a problem came up?

Jul 19, 2016
by: Ed A from NJ

So we will leave no room in our minds that there my be bacteria in some raw food that can be one of many baterial sorces that can,trigger this awful illness. I never insinuwate raw food as the very cause of HDE. No one could,say that, but it don't mean in certain case it is not a contributing factor. As Donna pointed out bacteria can be found in kibble just as well. I thought i would bring usful information about a dreaded illness to light for those who had not herd of this awful illness along with sysmtums to look,out for and yes a possable way to get the word out what to look for. They say getting dogs to the,vet at first sight of the,jam,color poo lead to saving,many lifes. Just trying to help people understand the danger of HDE. Once again raw food seem to be a senceative subject with no room for honest discution. Sorry.

Jul 21, 2016
by: Donna

Deaths related to contaminated foods is not confined to pets.

As in pet food, there are also many recalls in human food such as the recent recall of 400 frozen foods from Costco. These foods are being linked to listeria illness and death.

There have been many other deaths in past years.

For example, in 2008 in Canada there was a listeriosis outbreak resulting in 22 deaths.

There have been many more in the world.

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