Do Pyrenees get along with papillons or Newfoundlands?

by MaryAnn
(Bayside, Ca)

Hello we show Papillons in the AKC show ring...we have two newfoundlands and we will also be moving to the country with bear, coyotes and mountian lions was about 20 feet from the house the other day... so question is... does the pyrenees get along with papillons or newfoundlands, I am not sure if the newfies will be enough to keep a mountain lion at bay... would a pyrenees be better? do you know of a reputable breeder of pyrenees in northern California? do you also know what health Testing is required for them? also what type of obedience should I do with them ... I was thinking of a puppy...but is a male or female better? after they reach maturity I wanted to get them spayed or neutered...what would be the best age for that to be done...i heard 2 years old... it is also hot in the area but snows in the winter...lots of shade trees... can they tolerate those weather conditions? please email me back with reply if you do not mind...thank you MaryAnn

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May 29, 2016
Do Pyrenees get along with papillons or Newfoundlands?
by: Granmaskippy

Wow so many questions.
Pyrs usually get along with most other dogs, if they have the proper introductions. But the individuals dispositions vary. If you go the puppy route, choose your breeder carefully. Second choice would be to work with a good Pyrenees rescue. They will help you find the best match for your family and flock. Somewhere I saw pictures of a rescue who brings Pyrs to the Northwest. There is at least one good rescue in California too.

Found your website and love your dogs, especially the Newfs. Where will you sit on that couch if you get a Pyr? lol

As for obedience you can teach them do many jobs. They can do many things from therapy to guarding and many things in between. They can even do free heelwork. Wish I could find the video the Pyr who lives in Russia doing dog dancing. She had several videos on youtube, but sadly after an hour of looking, I can't find them. Did see a Newf. He was awesome.

Pyrs are like no other breed of dog. It is not master and dog. It you and partner. They are independent thinkers, backed by thousands of years of breeding. Watch this video, it distills the essence of Pyrs for me anyway.

Yet, they now live everywhere from the range protecting their charges to city apartments protecting their people. They are amazing dogs from their history to their present day lives. It always saddens me to compare the Newfs and the Pyrs up for adoption on Petfinder. This morning there are over a thousand Pyrs and only 96 Newfs. This tells me that few take the time to understand the thinking of a Pyr. I have had both breeds in my lifetime. Loved them both, in some ways similar yet so different in their thought process.

Now for protection. Well if I am betting when a bear, mountain lion, or coyote comes around, hands down it will be the Pyr that shines. Check out these two stories from this site.

This girl I know a little better than the next story. Frankie is still alive and well (have been in touch with her owner in past weeks, thanks to Frank the moderator here). Absolutely love this story.

This next one, is from Ed in NJ. Don't know the back story here too well, but will see.

Where you are you going the weather will be ok for your Pyr. Here in central NY we have snow, lots of it sometimes. And some summers are very hot and humid. Heat usually leads to digging bear pits and tiger traps in the backyard. Pyrs are not exactly lying in wait for the prey, just keeping cool. You find them a little more laid back in the heat, but I bet your Newfs are even more laid back in the heat too.

WARNING! Should you decide after reading all this to become a Pyr partner, in the end, it maybe the one of the biggest heartbreaks you will ever know. This is Lollie's Story. It took me several months to write, because of the tears and lack of focus. Of all the dogs in my life, and there have been many, she seemed to be the hardest to lose. You will find her story on that link with all the pics of memories that still bring tears to my eyes.

Please let us know how you are doing. We would love to hear about you choice. Will send this to you via email too.

This organization and many others are doing their best to educate those who don't understand the Pyr and the greatness of their heart. God forbid, I have to choose just one out of all my dogs. They all have specials places in my heart. But like I said Lollie was the hardest.

Good luck in whatever you do,


May 29, 2016
Biggest issue
by: Ed A from NJ

Marryann, while you have many issues, I think your biggest issue is going to be your Newfies.

I assume you have a boy and a girl. If this is so, you're not going to do well with Pyrenees. You see, male Pyrenees will not tolerate other large male dogs for long. It may work until the male pyrenees matures then the male Pyrenees will challenge the Newfie and that will be very ugly until one has to leave.

Same with a female to female. The only thing that works is if you have no male Newfies and get a male GP or you have no female Newfies and get a female pyrenees. As to the paps,they are a tiny breed and the Pyrenees will see them as something to guard.

I had a male pyrenees and a male rottie at the same time. They had on free for all (which ended with my wife turning the hose on all 3 of us. Our rotties sure deed the alpha roll to my male pyrenees but it was an uneasy truce. Now I have a male pyrenees and a young female newfie. The older pyrenees male has assumed the daddy roll and all,is pieceful.Also with bear and mouthing lions you would,need,more then one pyrenees. I think you will have nothing but problems bring in pyrenees with your existing pack. Sorry I wouldn't suggest this.

Jun 01, 2016

by: Great Pyrenees Club

Pyrs will get along with any dog if they like them. Just like humans.

As Ed says, never get the same sex though. You will have problems. Get the opposite sex.

Perhaps someone in the States can recommend a reputable breeder. Google breeders. You can determine if they are ethical (they breed their bitches twice, maybe three times in their lifetime, their pups are handled and socialized by many, many people by the time they leave the 'nest', they are registered with a recognized kennel club, they will interview you thoroughly, you see the parents with their pups on site outside and in the house, etc.)

Pyrs aren't obedient as they mature. They were bred to guard without human intervention. Anything they do has to be worth their while. They must have a large securely fenced area of at least 5 feet in which to roam

Spay/neuter at two is fine just as you would do your Papillons.

They are fine in hotter weather providing they have shade, a dog house and fresh water at all times. Regular grooming and nail clipping (including dew claws) is very important, too. Never shave a double coated dog. They need their coat for insulation against all elements.

Best of luck.

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