At what age are male pyrenesse become fertile.

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Nov 15, 2015
by: Donna

A male can impregnate a female anywhere past four months old.

Please ensure you have your dog neutered and any females spayed.

There are enough unwanted dogs out there because people didn't spay and neuter. They gave the pups away and those people didn't want them anymore. They didn't get them spayed or neutered and they had puppies. Most of this happens because people think the pups are cute but when they get to be a year, they didn't do the training and socialization and they have an out of control dog.

Please, do not breed your dogs. Leave that to the responsible breeders who are register their dogs with a recognized kennel club and breed for sound temperament and health.

Nov 17, 2015
by: Marianne

Varies with the breed line.

About 6 to 8 months.

Nov 24, 2015
Can be done right
by: Ed A from NJ

This is by far the most difficult subject to cover. Although the question is when can they the subject seems to have turned to neutering. The simple truth is some people should not have dogs.

Mishandling leads to unwanted puppies and unhealthy pets. It can be done right but you have to Care. I have had both my boys and my girl done at 16 months. I have had no puppies and have great healthy dogs. Both my boys have had big beautiful heads with good healthy joints and no cancer. My girl has complete control of her bowels and there is no hip problems in any of them. The girl is now 14, lost Beau at 8 and my first at 11. it is easy to get them to the good healthy age before neutering simply by keeping them apart when in heat. If you really want one of these beautiful dogs you put in the time. If you really care about puppies be distroyed or worse you simply take the time to do things right. If you don't care then you are the problem and shouldn't have, breed or think about one of these beautiful dogs. I think you should need to have a licance to breed and heavy fines for unlicenced breeders. The only thing some people seem to understand is money. What a shame.

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