Guarding Instinct?

by Dennis

My Great Pyr will not come inside any building I am working in on the farm unless I have company. If I am in the barn or machine shed, no matter how cold it is, he will lay in the driveway outside the building. But if a relative or neighbor visits and comes inside, Happy immediately comes inside to size him up and let him pat his big head. Is this normal, and why won’t he come get warm and out of the weather when its just me?

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Jan 22, 2022
by: Donna

These dogs were bred to wander with and watch over livestock outside. They have double coats that keep them warm (providing they get a regular groom to keep the air flowing through it). As long as you provide shelter in case they decide they need warmth, they are fine. They love the outdoors. The seniors have to be watched, though, as they lose body mass. They tend to need to be inside.

They are guardian dogs. He is doing his job by sizing up visitors, as long as he has no aggression towards them.

You have a Pyr.

Jan 22, 2022
by: Anonymous

Your lovely Pyr is exhibiting perfect guardian behavior....our own acts exactly the same as yours.
They were bred for the mountains, so its in their character to need to be near to their herd but position themselves to be able to scan the long distances for possible danger.
His ability to 'size-up' your visitors is often underestimated. They have an extraordinary ability to sense 'bad vibes' in a person or other animal and they are never wrong. You can trust yours completely on this. If he won't let a visitor into your space, best to listen to your dog and close the door! If he does come in when you have a visitor and lays down between you both, he feels iffy about that person. If your visitor checks out and your dog goes back out, your visitor has just been accepted as trustworthy. Its very subtle but trust me, you are his entire responsibility, and he exists to keep you (and the kitty and the family and the farm....) safe.
Be sure to thank him for his dedication.

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