This sweetheart has found a loving family including a female canine companion. He has the home he deserves after such a terrible start in life. Congratulations!

This boy is in a foster-to-adopt home where he has a female canine companion.

This is lovely Jack. He is, we think, mostly Akbash with maybe some Maremma in there.

He was found tied to a pole in January in Sudbury having been left by a dubious lot. A good samaritan took him but had to move. The place she moved had other dogs. Although he gets along with them, sadly, they just have too many dogs.

He is shy of new people so he must be approached on his own terms.

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Jul 13, 2020
He will always be in my heart
by: Lisa R

When I first saw Jack I did not hesitate to approach him/or her since I did not know at the time if this beautiful dog was a male or female, I just saw sad eyes shivering, practically choking. bringing him to my home was the only decision that I knew I had to make. Right away he touch my heart. I am so pleased with great Pyrenees Club with introducing Jack with his new family, and to Christopher Milne for giving Jack a great home and making him a part of your family with Cotton. The kindness must be in the name a lady I once knew DR. Milne she liked cats. I love all animals but without the Great Pyrenees Club this story would never be told. Love HAPPY ENDINGS. Thanks again

Jun 27, 2020
Such a good boy
by: Christopher Milne

When Jacks first arrived he was still groggy from his surgery(neuter). Even upon his first meeting with both me and Cotton (female Maremma/ Pyrenees) he has always been kind and loving. He does have a voice on him, however, after a few weeks he has gotten used to the sounds around the house, and has become very quiet and calm. He loves his cuddles and scratches, also has never once shown any form of aggression towards new people (that he can see). He has even become a favourite of my vets because he is such a good boy and calms Cotton down when we visit. All in all, he is a big boy who just needed a few cuddles, and a safe place to enjoy his fluffy life.

Thank you Great Pyrenees Club of Southern Ontario for uniting me and Cotton to such a good boy.

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