Maggie, sweet Maggie

by Marianne Glofcheski
(Lochaber QC)

Oh, the indignity!

Oh, the indignity!

My good and sweet friend, Maggie, has been living with me for about four months now. She had gone through a rather traumatic experience. She lost her home, her herd and her job all at once.

She has been recuperating during this time, getting over the stress induced physical issues that had resulted from all the events of her past year.

She is a working girl and after a four month recuperation period is now ready to guard again. Her perfect home would be on a hobby farm where she could live in the barn with her charges but spend lots of time with her human to receive love, cuddles and understanding that she deserves. She does love her human but she must be approached with patience and respect.

Oh, and she does not think the barn cats should be wandering around outside.

I would like to see her go to a small or hobby farm where she could live in the barn with `her’ animals but would not be required to go out into the fields. She is small, only 65 pounds, up from 62, at present but I have hopes of getting a few more on her soon since we have solved the problems with her digestive system, parasites, and possibly of even a chicken allergy although I have no way of checking this out.

Since she has regained her health, she refuses to eat chicken. When a raw-fed Pyr does this, it is usually indicative of instinctive self-defence.

She is presently happily eating raw beef, lamb and goat bones and getting vitamin supplements as well as glucosamine for a bit of morning stiffness. I am mixing in some cooked oatmeal (1cup in 1 pound coarsely chopped meat) to try to up the calories and will soon add some ground vegetables into the ground beef/oatmeal mix.

Of course, being a Pyr, she will only eat a certain amount so there is no use trying to get more into her. Hand feeding stopped working as soon as her digestive system started functioning again!

This is her story as I understand it. I have been told that she has ‘always’ been with goats. I rather wonder at this because of her loving attitude to humans. However, Maggie was working on a goat farm but her herd was sold.

She was rescued by another goat farmer and happily guarded her bucks and bucklings in her barn while another Pyr worked with the females. Nine months later, her barn caught fire and her herd perished in the fire which swept through the wooden structure very quickly. She tried to get them out but she couldn’t and the lady managed to tie her out so she would not go back.

In true Pyr form, Maggie tried to clean up the carcasses to discourage roaming predators. She tried to eat them all but there are too many and they were black-charred. Her system clogged with a smoke / tar substance.

So, Maggie suffered a third failure. She was not able to get her bucks out of the fire. She had no more home to stay in and now, she was not able to clean up and so keep away predators from the remaining females.

The lady put her in with some of the females but her trauma was so bad that she nipped at the females and disagreed with the male Pyr.

Maggie had something akin to PTSD, post traumatic stress.

The lady called the club to see if there was somewhere Maggie could stay until they were able to clean up and rebuild. I said I’d take her. She was skin and bones when she came, not having eaten much over the last months since leaving her original farm. It would seem that she was somewhat depressed and not eating well since the first move.

Four months later I asked about her future. The owners of the burned farm were still not at a point where they could start rebuilding. We agreed that Maggie would be best to find a new job, working on a farm again but taking into consideration her age.

She is 8 + years old. She would like light guardian work. She will do well on a diet of raw beef with a cup of porridge mixed in, meaty bones, 500 – 750 mg of glucosamine daily . (I put the glucosamine tablet into the ground beef.)

She would need to have lots of love, cuddles and fence / border walks with her human, as well as long conversations. She loves to hear me talk to her about everything and nothing. With this, she will create a great bond with her chosen human. Furthermore, apart from chasing the barn cats, she gets on with dogs by just ignoring them.

I do think she would also very nicely become a companion dog if she had lots of human attention and a nice warm kennel near the house or on a verandah so that she may easily go out to pee. Taking long walks on leash with me and just hanging out listening to me rattle on are favourite activities and she does love her human time!

Marianne Glofcheski

(819) 985-1044

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Dec 09, 2015
Maggie Update
by: Jineen

In regards to Maggie, aka Magoo or Maggles, she is coming along very well. The amount of food that you recommended has been doubled for a few weeks now. If I fill her bowl anymore it will over flow and she usually eats it as soon as I place it in her house.

Maggie is an awesome duck herder. Sometimes she sends them back to their house for no reason at all. The other day I just stood at the door to the duck house and asked Maggie to bring the ducks out of the mud in the horse paddock for me. She did it and saved me from going through tons of deep wet mud.

I am attaching pictures of Maggie's passage way that I made for her so she would not have her perimeter fence line cut off by the horse paddock. There is one at each side of the property that she can pass through into Winston's paddock and come out the other side allowing her to run the whole perimeter without interruption.

Maggie was not using her house so I gave it to the goats and was looking for something else for Maggie. The goats were eating the house as you may see in the pictures so I gave it back to Maggie and placed it under the big pine tree where she loves to sleep. I placed her food inside the house so she would have to go right in to get it. I placed her blanket in there too and finally one day I caught her coming out of it and having a big stretch. Maggie used the pile of dry leaves that I gathered for the goats to eat and made herself a bed.

She had made a bed in the goats hay bale by pulling it apart and she made a nice bed of pine leaves for herself under the pine tree. On Monday I put straw in he house about 7 inches thick. She loves it and by the next day I saw she had made a nice nest inside that she fits in perfectly. I have more photos and will send soon.

Sep 28, 2015
by: Anonymous

We are interested in adopting Maggie. We recently had to put down our Great Pyr for serious harming aggression and dangerous attacks on our children -but we dearly miss our dog and would love a second chance with Maggie. We have a small hobby farm with goats chickens, rabbits, cats. It seems Maggie might fit in nicely?
Would you kindly email me:

Sep 18, 2015
by: Anonymous

Just wondering how long does the great pyranee last for. What is the average age they get to, being that they are a large breed.

Aug 25, 2015
More on Maggie
by: Marianne

Well Maggie has shown that she's versatile and would be happy to be a companion to humans as well.
She met my 2 year old grandson and let herself be stroked and petted. She has taken a walk with him and his mum.
I've been wondering how to let her play with all my others. I put her out in a big pen for her to run and explore at will. My gang took matters into their own paws. Somehow the three of them got into the big pen with her and they had a great time together since each one had lots of room and respected the space and activity of the others.
She just goes from one amazing instant to another.

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