Male Siblings

by BvonC
(FL Gulf Coast)

I found 2 male GP puppies in a box by the side of the highway a month ago. I took them to the vet and other than being infested with fleas and underweight they are in good health (the vet believes they were 9 weeks old then so 12 weeks old now). They are both dong very well. I had a Pyr mix (GP/Lab mix) that we adopted from a shelter when she was about 8 weeks old; she was the most amazing pup and we were heartbroken when she passed away over Xmas at 14 years of age. We currently have a super sweet 2-year-old spayed female Saint Bernard (rescued when she was about 9 weeks old from an unfit home) who loves the pups.
The pups are doing very well and after 1 week we decided to keep 1 (the one with similar temperament as our Pyr mix) and rehome the other. I found what seemed to be a good home for him, but he was returned this past weekend because the people didn’t realize puppies were such hard work. I’ve found 2 more homes (1 is my neighbor and another is my groomer who has an older GP and a small ranch). My husband and children do not want to rehome the puppy (my 9-year-old offered to give me all of the money in his savings account to keep him), but I’m concerned due to the fact that they are both males. I will be neutering as soon as my vet recommends (whether or not I keep only 1 or both). I have started feeding and training them separately and they are being crated in a divided 52” crate (I will buy another 52” crate should we keep the second pup). I work from home (unless I have a meeting), walk all 3 2-3 times a day, a 1/2 acre 6’ fenced in yard, and a good-size home. The pups are fine without one another, but do enjoy playing (& wrestling) together. The one we are definitely keeping is very social, has bonded with my Saint (& me), and loves being with us. The second pup is reserved, more submissive to the first pup, slower to join the family (it could be bcs he was separated from us for a couple of weeks), and absolutely adores my younger son (they have similar personalities). I am also working on regaining his trust because I think something happened with the family (I had taught him to sit with a hand gesture during his first week, but now he ducks and hides when he sees me raise my hand) :-(
BIG question is- Is it possible for these 2 male (future neutered) siblings to live in peace? I am concerned about potential issues where someone (human or canine) might inadvertently be injured. Please advise. My head tells me to rehome, but I know it will break my family’s (& my) heart. Thank you in advance! Pyr mix was a therapy dog and we visited nursing homes; I had planned on doing the same with the first puppy. I have to see what happens with the second.

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Jul 03, 2019
Male Siblings
by: Donna

We never recommend two dogs of the same sex because there is a chance it will not work out as the pups mature. It can work but we've seen too many cases where it doesn't work. Neutered or not. Intact, definitely not.

You can take your chances but if they don't get along, you'll find yourself having to give one up, unfortunately. Or, it may work out just fine.

Every case is different so there is no definitive answer.

Jul 03, 2019
by: Anonymous

This time that description belongs to you! Your dedication and willingness to do what is best for these foundlings is exactly as it should be. Your situation at home couldn't be better and you are obviously well aware of your dogs' character traits.
So, how to choose? Your heart is torn between the pups needs and your family's desires. If it were me, I would do what is best for the pup. If indeed something happened to the one, or not, he appears to be headshy. Its a reactive response. A dog that is not confident and reactive as a pup, will generally stay that way if his circumstances stay the same. You have to decide if this is something that you can deal with as the pups grow older. If he is rehomed and grows up in a home ideally suited to his needs, he may well be better off than he would be in your home, even with your exemplary care.
We have 2 neutered males, aged 8 & 5. They are completely bonded and do everything together. We know we are lucky that is so, but we also adhere to strict rules of behavior....both us and them!...which they understand and which serves their canine natures. In your situation, your 2 males may well become competitive over your female. This situation may well arise even before they are old enough for their neuter and may well continue in spite of their neuter. If there are any signs now, base your decision on what's best for your pups' futures. The tender hearts of your family will heal over time, and with understanding. Its the pup's needs that must come first.
Best of luck with this and thank you for rescuing!

Jul 04, 2019
Two girls
by: Steve

We have a pair of female GP’s, our trainer warned us early on that there might be trouble. Cayla is the smaller of the two, and is the alpha. Babe is bigger, but more submissive. At first I took pains to treat them equally, and had fights. Realized that I had to defer to Cayla, greet her first, feed her first, she is the first to leave the kennel. Now we have peace most of the time, but if Cayla gets too bossy with Babe there will be a tussle, which Cayla always looses. So having two can work, just need to realize that pack etiquette is critical.

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