DOB: October 2021 (1 year and 3 months)

Location: Erin, Ontario

He is small at about 60 lbs, although he will put some weight on as he matures.

Single dwelling with securely fenced yard of at least 6 feet is required.

Children over 12.

If there is another canine in the home, it should be female as same sexes do not always see eye-to-eye.

The sweetie boy Teddy, the white fluffy, was discovered by his neighbours. The lady who owned him wasn't able to care for him properly, so with permission, the girls got Teddy out for walks and worked with him to socialize and do a little training with him before he came to us.
He is a very busy boy so his new family need to be ready to keep his mind and body busy!
From his caregiver:

When I first stepped into Teddy’s home, I saw a beautiful boy in a crate anxious to get out. A dog lover, I immediately asked if he could come with me for a walk. He was very friendly and happy to meet me.However, the moment I walked him outside and down the driveway, he panicked and dragged me back to his home. It was clear to me that Teddy had never been away from his home. He was terrified of everything, people, cars, noises - the wind blowing would send Teddy back to his door scratching to get back inside. Teddy was 10 months old and had never been further than a 10 x10 patio at the back of the house. His owner had health issues and was unable to take him out. It broke my heart to see this sweet, beautiful boy so fearful of life.

I found a kind breeder who was willing to talk with me, and help me understand the LGD dog behaviour and tips to help me help Teddy.

I recruited my sister for daily visits to help me socialize and train Teddy, and most importantly give him love and time to play and stretch his legs. We split our time, with her visiting Teddy in the morning and myself after work. Anything I learned, I shared with the owner, and Teddy quickly learned to go to the bathroom outside. Slowly, with treats, praise, and cuddles, he ventured a little further from the patio and out into the common space behind his home, gradually venturing further into the common area.

He learned to make friends with the kids, often watching them with ears perked up as if he were
ensuring they were safe. He made friends with people who he previously ran from, even taking a treat from them. Within a few months Teddy ventured back down that same driveway and beyond to the woods at the bottom of the street where he sniffed, dug and explored without fear.
Teddy learned not to be afraid of the other dogs, and instead of running away, he would bark and run toward them. Teddy is very strong, and we weren’t sure if he was being aggressive or just being an LGB dog. A kind behaviourist from New Hope Pyrs helped me understand Teddy and gave me tips to redirect Teddy away. An excited “ Let’s go Teddy” and a reward when he came away with me worked quickly.

The one time Teddy did get away from my sister, he ran up to the dogs barking and then, stopped and sniffed their bums (note that under normal circumstances, you should never allow a dog to run up to another dog unless you already know the other dog, and they are okay with each other).

I loved watching Teddy’s confidence grow as he explored and played with me. One of my favourite times with Teddy, was at the end of my visit, sitting with him on the front stoop petting him, and watching him sniff the air and listen to all the sounds in the neighbourhood without fear. When I stopped petting him, he would look at me, put his paw on me, and lean against me. I learned that was his way of showing affection.

Teddy is everything an LGD dog is supposed to be, sensitive, smart, independent but most of all a wonderful friend whom I miss everyday. All Teddy needed was love, kindness and consistent training so he would feel safe and confident. Go, Teddy, go!

NOTE: Never search for dogs on sale sites. If they say they will deliver the puppy to you, that is just one red flag that this is a disreputable 'breeder', and they charge you a lot of money for a dog that is not even a full Pyr if a Pyr at all. Search for breeders who will interview you, and will answer all your questions. You want a dog from a breeder who has their pups socialized and handled by many many many different people coming into their home and know the genetics of the dog. Another red flag is the breeder who won't take their dogs back. In fact, they become unreachable.

So far, he is proving to be a sweetie. He will need ongoing exposure to life through socialization and education. It's important to go at his pace and with his consent.

A pre-requisite will be to sign up for the Home School the Dog program or a more complete program, Recallers, to give you and Teddy the best chance at success. Proof of registration will be required.
If you are interested in meeting Teddy, please complete an adoption application.

There is a $400 adoption contribution. All proceeds go back to the dogs in our care.

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