by Heather MacRae
(Ottawa, On)

Great Pyrenees Rescue Venus

Great Pyrenees Rescue Venus

Venus has found her forever home. We give a heartfelt "Thanks" to her new family for their love and generosity. This was her story...

Venus is a true companion. She minds her manners and is the belle of the Sub-division to all the male doggies. She was born 18 Jul 2002, is registered, tattooed Great Pyrenees mountain dog, with all her shots and has all the guardian instincts to prove it.

She loves walks and is very easy to do so. She goes for a little run every now and then, when Jax (Male 2yr old Pyr/Lab mix) takes off out of the yard. She goes after him with as much vigor. Funny to see a fat girl run, she looks so happy.

Venus loves to be near me for my morning coffee. I sit out on the back steps sipping away and watching nature wake up, she nudges my arm to pet her, it is a nice ritual. After a long day at work, Venus greets me at the door like I have not seen her in weeks. She is ready for her walk and to see her doggy friends. When it is time for bed, she heads up on her own and curls up waiting for you to say, “Bonne Nuit, ma belle fille”.

She dug a hole under my back steps the size of the Grand Canyon, like a prisoner wanting to escape to china. It was quite amusing and she was really filthy, since she loved it, I could not scold her cuz I was laughing at the way she looked. I allowed it up until June when I completed my gardening and the hole was patched up. She no longer digs, though you must watch her.

Venus does not play with other dogs, she is content to smell them and then lay down and watch her surroundings. Recently she met Mia, 2yr old (F) German Sheppard. Every time Mia was pinned by another dog, Venus would sit on the head and sniff Mia's lady parts. Too funny. She is the Grand Dame, when a dog bugs her; she puts them in their place.

Back Story:
Venus has lived a long life. Marianne Glocheski first saw her when she was 6 months old at her breeder’s house. She had hoped to get Venus and her sister Xanadu at that time, but the breeders wanted to keep them. About a year later, the kennel was dispersed, Marianne heard about them at another person’s house. Again she inquired about them, but the cost was prohibitive. According to the paper trail, they were in two different places before they ended up with the unregistered breeder where they were when we rescued them.

Within that week, Heather MacRae came to visit and both Xanadu and Venus greeted her with smiles. Venus went to her and then lyed down to be petted. Heather wasn’t planning on it, but went home with another foster. Xanadu went to Maryanne Pearce where she is currently being the grand dame.

Venus is Nine years old as of the 18th July. She loves to be loved and gives her belly to those she is comfortable with. If you’re lucky, she will roll all the way over in her seal pose, for a full belly rub. That is when you know she is content.

Contact: Marianne Glofcheski

Phone: (819) 985-1044 - please leave a message or contact our club using the contact information on this site.

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Nov 09, 2011
could be my dogs mom
by: Anonymous

I have a 10 month out Pyr and she has the identical markings. I got her from a working farm and saw both her parents. This is my second Pyr and we love her dearly.

Nov 07, 2011
by: Maryanne Pearce

Her age is updated (thanks Frank). Yes, she is still available, and is currently in care in Ottawa.

Nov 07, 2011
by: Brenda

Is Venus still available and is she in Ottawa?

Aug 04, 2011
by: Heather MacRae

My bad, yes Venus turned 9yrs in Jul 2011, she was born 2002.

Jul 29, 2011
Venus' Age?
by: Vicky Z

She is so lovely! What a doll!

How old is Venus? At the beginning of her bio you mention she was born in 2008 but near the end it says she is 9 years old? Can you please confirm?
Thank you!

Jul 20, 2011
by: Cheryl

She is lovely! Love the belly pose!!!

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