Chewing Kibble

by Kathleen Ahmann
(Washington State)


I have a 7 year old great Pyrenees. I don't buy expensive dog food, I buy hard Purina for smaller dogs. If I buy hard food for adult dogs, she has a hard time chewing the pieces. Why would that be? What would be a good dog food for her without breaking the bank?

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Oct 02, 2021
by: Donna

You should consider upgrading your dog food. Kibble is an extremely processed food which is kind of like junk food for dogs. It's sprayed with oil to make it appetizing for dogs but once the bag is opened, the oil begins to go rancid. It's full of fillers which is why dogs will have big poops. They may also develop allergies, infected ears or any other number of ailments over time.

Have a look inside her mouth for any redness, broken teeth. She may be having issues in her mouth. Do have her teeth checked, though, at the vets.

Find a raw supplier. Someone who grinds there own and has a storefront to sell raw. They would be premixed with the right percentages of organ and meat in it. That would be best food you can get. We call that a species-appropriate diet. If you can find an abbatoir in your area, it's pretty inexpensive as you are right at the source of the food (short of having your own animal farm).

You may also find a canine nutritionist who can help you and point you in the right direction. Here is one you can contact by email,, if you have any questions. She runs Holiraw Nutrition.

Here is some information on feeding raw.

Oct 03, 2021
Pyr Food
by: Dennis

We feed our pyr Purina dog food, and every evening around seven he gets a hamburger, or a couple of hot dogs, or a helping of ham. Some evenings he gets all three. We look forward to his big Happy face showing up at our door every evening.

Oct 30, 2021
Assist with a word
by: Jeanette , Milo's friend

Is abboitoer like what here in northern USA is called meat processing plant.( where the meat animal goes to be butchered out , to prep. For sale )

Also, can I feed my Milo from the grocery raw meat and raw liver , or might that be not so good since it would be full of salmonella. .

Milo loves hot dogs but I try not to give him much since they are saltey.

Milo loves cat food , he steals, it from the cats as often as he can get away with it l lol vet sez if he sneaks a little Its ok, but not as a regular deal , since it's not so good for him . And, its fattening , Milo has ACl knees. So getting fat would be bad.

Milo is pyrenee x St. Bernard x and white lab. He is my daughter , bluebells, service dog, trained at home, which the usa Govt. encourages and respects. A certification paper is not necessary or required , it actually has very little meaning .

He tells her in advance when she will have a seizure so she can go somewhere and lie down . He helps her reorient afterward . He tells her when she has low blood sugar , so she can eat the right food to fix it. He helps disrupt the PTSD and comforts afterward.

Prior to the Covid thing he and I and bluebell would go to nursing homes for the folks to pet him when he wouldn't be wearing his service dog vest. It was a fun hobby. I hope we can resume this someday.

Oct 30, 2021
Raw feeding
by: Donna

Hot dogs are definitely a processed food that should be avoided for dogs.

This paragraph is from Dogs Naturally on salmonella:

The conventional mindset of preventing disease is backwards thinking and initiates a slippery slope of ill health. While dogs and people who eat sterile foods won’t be harmed by acute salmonella poisoning, they will start to suffer chronic disease from the lack of beneficial bacteria. This deficiency in beneficial bacteria will result in digestive issues and a degradation of the immune system and this will soon be seen as allergies, chronic disease and, ironically, more susceptibility to pathogens such as salmonella! Maybe salmonella wouldn’t be as much of a threat to dogs and people in the first place if their intestinal flora wasn’t debilitated by processed foods and the overuse of antibiotics!

Dogs Naturally - Salmonella and Raw Food.

Find a local pet raw store in your area that sources their raw food locally and humanely.

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