Courtesy - Nixon


DOB: May 2022

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area

Nixon is a Pyr/St. Bernard cross

Children: Yes. He adores the baby in the home.

Cats: Not exposed to them, but with slow and proper introductions, he should be fine

Dogs: He doesn’t get along with the male dog. A female may be fine.

Good in car.


Needs leash work. We highly recommend Recallers or Home School the Dog to set him up for success. Here is help for you.

Food protection from other dogs. Always feed dogs separately, and pick up bowl within 15 minutes whether having eaten or not. No dog should have to share with another.

Separation anxiety: No

When people arrive, he jumps straight up and down with what we call dolphin jumps when he sees you and barks. Here are a
series of videos to help

Nixon is an absolute goof. He is a big, loveable teddy bear that would like to do nothing more than sit in your lap - he often forgets he isn’t a small pup.

He whisper barks and wags his bum when he wants to go outside and has so many funny facial expressions. When he is very excited, he does what we call dolphin jumping which is jumping in one spot or somewhat sideways.

He does carry the Pyr trait of using his paws and curling them around you when he wants some affection. He has been nicknamed “Nanny Nixon” since we brought our daughter home as he likes to check for a dirty diaper, and likes to be as close as he can get when the baby is being fed.

He absolutely adores people and would do great in a home with either a family or a bachelor who can be there with him or bring him along for adventures. Nixon would flourish in a home where he can be an only dog. However, if you would like to work with him on resource guarding his toys from other dogs, this episode of DogsThat that is excellent.

He doesn’t have the best leash manners. Consistent positive training will set him up for success.

We highly recommend Recallers, or a modified version Home School the Dog program to give you and Nixon a wonderful connection.

Please complete an adoption application if you would like to meet Nixon.

There is a $400 adoption fee.

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