This sweet fella, now Jazz, has worked his way into his new family's hearts. He has a canine friend with whom he spends his life, as well.


DOB: January 2, 2023

Location: Paris, ON (near Brantford, ON)

Single dwelling home or hobby farm with a large securely fenced yard.

*Update*: It's only been a week (May 2 to May 8), and this guy is walking around his foster home like he's always been there. He will make a great livestock dog when he matures in about a year. He loves the outdoors, and all the animals. Those animals include:

Holland lop bunnies
Nygerian Dwarf Goats
Angora goat (female)
Chickens and one rooster

He loves his people. He follows the man everywhere. He loves cuddles and gives the Pyr paw always.

He adores children too.

He is a little underweight and along with that is his coat doesn't look good. He is now on a good diet, and he should start to fill out and his coat will shine in time. His immune system is on its way to keeping him healthy.

We would like to see him go to a home with a female canine friend as a mentor.

This sweetie found himself on Kijiji. The family had him about 20 days when they decided a puppy wasn't for them, let alone a Pyr puppy.

It was quite apparent that nothing had been done with him. His foster is taking him everywhere with them so he meets lots of people, gets used to the car and he is learning to to do his business outside. He has been getting a lot of brushing too.

He is warming up to the resident dog who is a very cool dude.

If you would like to be considered as an adopter when we feel he is ready to go, see below:

A pre-requisite will be to sign up for Recallers, or a modified version Home School the Dog program to give you and Jaxson the best chance at success. Proof of registration will be required.

If you are interested in Jaxon, please complete an adoption application.

There is a $400 adoption contribution. All proceeds go back to the dogs in our care.

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