by Bob Dupre
(Redstone CO, USA)

We have a 5-year old Lab/Pyr mix rescue. DNA test reported 50/50 pure pyr and lab mix going back 5 generations.Well-socialized, well-trained , sounds like a clone of Frank. After careful study and testing, we determined that Remy loved to run, but also was very watchful of her flock. When we moved back to rural remote Colorado, we tested the off-leash Pyr theory, and much to our surprise, she marked off an area of about 20 acres that she patrols and protects, returning to home base a couple of times an hour to check on us.

Now the plot thickens. A Sow black bear with twin cubs a few months old are in the area. The bear seems shy and avoids humans. My fear is that Remy may get between the sow and cubs without realizing the danger. It's going to be tough to get her to stay in 10000 sqft dog run after having free rein of 20 acres with a creek. Any thoughts?

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May 21, 2022
by: Donna

You can see why they need fencing. Yes, she marked off her territory because she has a flock to guard. If you have no other farms around, it works.

Pyrs will wander to ward off predators, and that may mean heading into another farmer's territory.

If you are that concerned about the bear and cub, you should consider going ahead and putting up fencing. It doesn't seem like there is a choice at this point if you are afraid she'll get in between them. Most Pyrs stay within their fenced areas to watch over their livestock if they are committed to them. If predators get in, the predators are done. That said, you need to be vigilant because if you have coyotes, coyotes will work in pairs. One distracts, while the other goes in for the kill. You might consider another dog.

May 22, 2022
by: Dennis

Our nine year old Pyr "Happy" has the run of our farm. He has a routine he faithfully follows every night—walk up the hill to the machine shed—bark eight or ten times—walk down the hill below the house—bark eight or ten times—walk back to the house and lie down. Unless he hears coyotes, in Which case he runs towards them barking the deepest, most aggressive bark he can. He has a worn path in the lawn much like a cow path that he travels every night, and sometimes during the day. I have watched Happy confront a coyote at about forty feet, barking and barking while the coyote yipped and barked at Happy. But Happy didn’t attack the coyote. I finally yelled at the coyote to get it to retreat. I don’t think our Happy would respect any boundary we tried to give him.

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